Classroom Experiences

    Small classes, big ideas

    With an average class size of 19, Seattle University is light years from the big lecture hall approach to learning. Rather than a professor or teaching assistant standing at the front of a class lecturing, imagine energetic classroom discussions among students from diverse backgrounds in small groups with faculty members who are both accessible and genuinely interested in helping you succeed. Personalized attention is given to each student, with a faculty-to-student ratio of 1 to 13.

    In a lively city well known for its entrepreneurship and innovation, there’s a holistic teaching style on this campus that helps develop critical and creative thinkers.

    Instead of memorization from textbooks, it’s discourse and debate that lead to a solid understanding of concepts, ethics and problem solving.

    First-year students have undergraduate research opportunities with faculty who bring their cutting-edge scholarship to the classroom and develop courses around their research interests. Both faculty and students are impassioned about the pursuit of academic excellence. Discovery-based learning has brought national recognition to the faculty at Seattle University, where you will find scholar-educators who start from where you are—based on what you know and can do—and build from there.  

    A Seattle University education is personal and transformative. A deeper learning experience. Apply now.