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      Founded in 1983, the S.U. Marksmanship Club is one of the oldest sport and SGSU clubs on campus. Club members include both new and experienced shooters, who practice improving their rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting skills at local gun ranges approximately every two weeks throughout the academic year. Firearms, ammunition, safety equipment, and transportation are provided by the club.

      The first and foremost aspects people learn when going out with the Marksmanship CLub to shoot are safety lessons, typically taught by Dr. Tadie, the founder of the club.

      The club meets every other Friday and travels to the Renton and Interlake gun ranges.

      2013-2014 Schedule

      2013-2014 Shooting Schedule 

      Fall Quarter:
      Friday, October 13th
      Friday, October 18th
      Friday, November 1st
      Friday, November 15th
      Sunday, November 17th

      President | Ana Granados

      Vice-President | Matthew Scanlan

      Advisor | Dr. Andrew Tadie

      Advisor | Matt Herring

      Coach | Kelvin Luu