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    Trail-based trips include activities like day hikes, multiday backpacking, car camping, and snow shoeing in the winter."


    If you have a trip that you would love to take this year please email with your suggestions.

    Meet the Trail Coordinator:

  • Calvin Garrett

    Calvin Garrett

    Trail Coordinator
    Junior: Sociology

    I have three major obsessions: running, coffee, and running in new and exciting places. I need adventure to stay alive, whether it be in the wilderness or in the city. I grew up in Ellensburg, WA, which is a really small community, so I've spent most of my life wandering about for new experiences.

    Outdoor Training: Wilderness First Responder, CPR/AED, AIARE Level 1 Avalanche, Leave No Trace Course

  • Walk into the woods. Keep walking. Walk off tracks. Do not plan where you are going. Take whatever directions appeal in the moment. Keep walking. When (without realizing) you are lost, look into the eyes of the dragon, then your adventure begins.

    ~ Tom Watercrag