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    Climb-based activities ( single-pitch sport and bouldering) include both indoor climbing at nearby climbing gyms and outdoor trips to local and regional crags.



    If you have a trip that you would love to take this year please email with your suggestions.

    OAR endeavors to introduce or enhance access for people new to outdoor recreation. As such, we have formed affiliations with two local climbing gyms: Seattle Bouldering Project and Vertical World. These gyms offer discounted opportunities for SU students, faculty, and staff. 

    Seattle Bouldering Project (SBP)

    Located just south of SU campus, this facility offers bouldering and fitness opportunities for current students, staff, and faculty of Seattle University. An unlimited number SU climbers may use the gym (including fitness equipment and fitness classes) at any given time through an individual, punch-card system. OAR offers a limited number of subsidized punch cards each quarter. For more information about SBP's amenities and fitness classes please visit their website:

    How to participate:

    Visit OAR during office hours to complete a registration form and purchase one of the following options (prices shown include the 10% local sales tax):

    5-punch $37.50 student $55 staff/faculty

    Only offered through OAR, suggested for those who want to try it out
    10-punch $75 student (reg. $110 after tax) $110 staff/faculty (reg. $143 after tax)

    Suggested for those who will go occasionally (once every 1-2 weeks)
      COMPARE to direct purchase from SBP (as of 8/2013)

    Day Pass

    $12 student + tax=$13.20

    $16 adult + tax=$17.60

    10-Punch Pass

    $100 student + tax=$110

    $130 adult+ tax=$110

    1. You must bring photo identification and your SBP card for guaranteed admission.
    2. Remember that you represent Seattle University while you are at SBP so please do not compromise our relationship with the gym and ruin this for opportunity other climbers.
    3. NOTES:
      1.  SBP cards are non-refundable. If you are just curious, we encourage you to pay SBP’s daily fee ($12) to check it out.
      2.  SBP cards may only be used for 1 person; they cannot be split and are non-transferable.
      3.  The 5- and 10-punch cards do not expire, so you can use them as little or as often as your free time permits (up to the usage limit that you purchased). Monthly passes are good 30 days from when you activate them at SBP.
      4.  SBP card membership permits free use of SBP fitness equipment and classes, but DOES NOT include shoe rentals.
      5.  During the academic year, OAR facilitates informal bouldering group outings to SBP throughout the week. This is a great way to meet other climber friends. For more information about informal climbing groups and other Outdoor program opportunities, email to get added to the OAR list-serve. You will get an email at the beginning of every week with the weekly trip and group climbing schedule.
      6.  Only a set number of punch cards are available through OAR each quarter. These are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited to a single purchase at a time.

    Vertical World (VW) 

    Located in the Magnolia neighborhood (about a 20-25 minute drive from campus), this facility offers lead and top-rope climbing opportunities. There are eight "memberships" designated for either current Seattle University students or faculty/staff, thus a MAXIMUM OF 8 SU CLIMBERS may use the climbing gym at any one time. For more information about Vertical World, please see their website: 

    How to participate:

    1. YOU MUST REGISTER. Visit OAR during office hours to complete a registration form and pay the $25 quarterly fee. Please note we do not accept credit cards for transactions under $30. There are no pro-rates (i.e. signing up half-way through the quarter at “half-price”).
    2. YOU MUST BE ON THE LIST. To get in the door at VW, you need your SU ID card AND your name must be on the OAR Climbing List. The updated list of currently authorized climbers is sent to Vertical World every Monday. If you’re an SU student/staff, faculty and you’re not on the list, you must pay Vertical World's daily fee ($16) to climb.
    3. FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED is the use policy for the 8 SU climbers, meaning you may need to wait for a person ahead of you to leave and considerately limit your time if there are climbers waiting for you to leave.
    4. VAN GROUPS are the only exception to the above because the informal climbing groups take priority at these are weekly organized events. This is a great way to meet other climber friends! To know more about these and other opportunities, email to get added to the OAR weekly email, which goes out at the beginning of each week and includes the group climbing schedule.
    5. RENTALS of shoes and harnesses are free only for SU climbers on the SU Climbing List. You may not share rentals with anyone else.
    6. BELAY CERTIFICATION is required to belay any climber. If you would like to be certified and have prior experience, simply take the belay test with Vertical World upon arrival at the gym. If you would like to learn, read the “Belay Certification” section below for more details.
    7. There is absolutely NO TEACHING FRIENDS HOW TO BELAY WHILE IN THE GYM. This is a serious liability for VW, and could compromise our relationship with the gym.
    8. Remember that you REPRESENT Seattle University while you are at VW so please do not ruin this opportunity for other SU climbers.
    9. If you sign up for a Vertical World pass and decide it is not for you, you may get a refund within two weeks of purchasing your pass. Only one refund will be given per person per year.

    Belay Certification:

    Learn the fundamentals needed to climb vertically: fitting the harness, tying a figure-eight knot, and proper belaying techniques in a two-hour class. This course includes all necessary equipment and has a limited class size of six. You can enroll directly through Vertical World; we recommend calling ahead to reserve your space. The student rate is $35 (be sure to specify or they will charge you $50), but if you bring your receipt to the OAR office during hours, the Outdoor program will subsidize $20 of that fee. 

    Meet the Climb Coordinator:

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