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    Cal Ihler



    Cah Ihler

    Cal has been at Seattle University for years (no really, decades) and currently serves as the Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance for the Facilities Services Department . He started off on the crew then became a plumber then Mechanical Shop Lead and has worked himself into the position of Associate Director of Operations & Maintenance. Cal and fellow plumbers Mike Mullen and John Schrader were invited to Nicaragua in 2007 to address flooding issues at a school there.  This was the start of PWOB-Plumbers without Boundaries.  The name has changed throughout the years but Cal's commitment to PWOB hasn't.  He is the technical expert on all things plumbing and mechanical, a team leader on multiple trips to Belize, a great mentor to PWOB students and staff and an auction procurement specialist.  Cal received the 2012 Better Brick Award for green building professionals for his contributions to conservation and sustainability at Seattle University.  
    Mike Mullen

    Mike Mullen

    Mike graduated from SU in 1989.  He came back to SU in 1998 to receive a masters in teaching degree and never left.  He was mentored under Cal Ihler, became a journeyman plumber and assumed the lead of the mechanical shop in 2009.  Mike has played varying roles in trips to Nicaragua, Zambia and multiple trips to Belize.  He takes pride in always being able find a karaoke restaurant close to any service project.  PWOB has been an incredible opportunity for Mike and he is very grateful to have had the chance to grow the organization.
    Dawn Madore

    Dawn Madore

    Dawn is the Administrative Coordinator for the SU Facilities Services Department.
      She came to SU with 15 years of experience in the environmental consulting and construction industry. Belize 2014 will be her first service trip with PWOB.


    Meet the Co-Founders

    Joyce Allen


    Joyce Allen


    Joyce is the former University Registrar at Seattle University and has been involved in PWOB since 2010. Joyce helped fund her own college education by working summers building switches for utility substations. As a result, she feels a special kinship to the staff in Facilities and is pleased to be able to engage in local and international community supported immersion efforts that result in sustainable infrastructure improvements.



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    Steve Szablya


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    Kavik Frol


    Wayne Holscher


    Wayne Holscher

    Wayne Holscher has worked in the resident hall maintenance department for the past 19 years providing routine maintenance services like carpentry, locks/keys, and any repair services for students and staff who live and work in the resident halls. Wayne was given the opportunity to go to Nicaragua around Christmas in 2013.  The experience was one that he will never forget, feeling more connected to the spirit of giving back and helping those in need of vital services that under current conditions just could not provide.  Wayne sparked friendships with those he might have never met outside of his home in Marysville, WA. He has sponsored two children that he got to personally meet and has been able to stay in touch with.  Wayne recently went back to Nicaragua in December 2014. 




    Audrey Hudgins



    Sonia Ihler


    Naomi K


    Naomi Kasumi

    Naomi Kasumi is an installation artist, designer, and since 2003, Associate Professor of Digital Design at Seattle University.  She has been involved in PWOB since 2011, introduced by the staff in Facilities Services.  Naomi, one one hand, chasing students around, teaching, training, and nurturing to be professional designers who believe in and commit to service in creative ways, and dealing with many service projects with students locally and internationally.  On the other hand, she produces small book art to large scale installation art pierces as an artist and has been traveling around the world for her own solo and group exhibitions.  Believe it or not she has a third hand that shes uses to participate in events and service trips in the world as an artist/designer/creative comes in handy! Naomi is pleased to be part of PWOB to engage in local and international community which has been an incredible opportunity to feed her soul.



    Byron Lynch


    Lauren R


    Lauren Rochholz

    Lauren is an alumni of Gonzaga University and came to work at Seattle University in 2010. During her 5 years at Seattle U she has worked in the Athletics Department, Facilities Services, and currently in the Office of University Planning. Since 2013 she has been serving as PWOB's webmaster.



    Pat Whitney

    Pat had a career in sales for over 25 years before moving to Seattle, where she decided to make a career change and became a financial planner. After 8 years in the profession and expecting her third child, she decided to temporarily "retire" to raise her daughters - a decision she has never regretted. During that career hiatus, Pat discovered a new passion in service, eventually moving into administrative and ministry positions at St. Joseph Parish, then St. James Catherdal where she helped to create and promote outreach programs. In 2007 she was recruited to join the Seattle U community and became the administrative coordinator to the Vice President  of University Advancement. Since 2010 she has served Dean Mike Quinn in the College of Science and Engineering in a similar position, electing a position where she can work closely with students and faculty.  Pat has continued her volunteer outreach work and accompanied a group of high school students on a post-Katrina rebuild in New Orleans in 2013 through "Shirts Across America".  She comes to PWOB as an eager volunteer-leader with lots of "Do-It-Yourself" experience, a deep respect for the work done by the organization and a strong devotion to both young people and other cultures SAYING "there is so much offer and to learn!" Pat is currently enrolled in a Spanish class in hopes of gaining at least a rudimentary ability to converse with our hosts in Nicaragua in December 2014.