Purchasing and Support Services

Purchasing and Support Services

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    Contact Support Services

    Main phone: (206) 296-6999

    Denise Burns
    Sr. Administrative Assistant
    (206) 296-6999

    Marie Peterson
    Facilities Project Coordinator
    (206) 296-6241

    Margaret Luttrell
    (206) 296-6998

    Finance Manager
    (206) 296-6993

    Arsenio Hawkins 
    Budget Assistant
    (206) 296-6497

    Purchase Orders

    Purchase Orders are required for all purchases over $500.

    To obtain a PO:

    1. Complete a purchase requisition form 
    2. Email the purchase requisition to your cost center manager along with any quotes or estimates for approval and digital signature.
    3. Email fully approved requisition and quotes to Procurement@seattleu.edu for processing.
         A flowchart of this process is available, here.

    Requisitions over $5000

    If the purchase requisition totals $5,000 or more, including tax, it must also be signed by the Assistant Vice President (AVP) for Finance and Administration, located in USVC 104.  

    IMPORTANT!  Grant related expenditure?  Visit the Office of Research Services and Sponsored Projects (ORSSP) to obtain the correct form, view the process map, and see an approved vendor list. 

    Software or Computer Requisitions

     Go to the OIT Technical Purchasing website for instructions on how to obtain a quote for a standard computer, standard software or other technology items prior to filling out a purchase requisition. Submit the original signed purchase requisition to the Facilities Purchasing Office located in CLMB 200.   

    After You Submit Your Purchase Requisition

    1. The Purchasing Office will create the PO, email it to the vendor, and cc: the requisition's Requester and Billing Contact. Typical turnaround is within one business day, if all information and signatures are provided on the purchase requisition.
    2. After you have received the product and are ready to process the invoice for payment.   Submit the invoice, with the PO # circled or written on the invoice to Accounts Payable in the Controller’s Office.

    Tips For Faster Processing

    To speed up the process, please be sure your purchase requisition contains these items:

    1. The item you are purchasing and any quotes or estimates providing the cost;
    2. The full 13-digit budget number;
    3. The date that you need to receive the item you are purchasing, not the date you need the purchase order. If a date is omitted or ASAP is used instead, a date two weeks from the time we receive the requisition will be inserted;
    4. The appropriate signatures (cost center manager and AVP for Finance and Administration if over $5000).

    If you are unsure of the item you need, the price of the item, or the vendor from whom the item should be bought, please contact us at x6999 and we will be happy to assist you.

    Department ProCards

    Please contact procard@seattleu.edu for more information.

    OfficeMax accounts

    Office supplies can be ordered at a highly discounted rate through OfficeMax Solutions online. To sign up for a username and password, print and fill out the OfficeMax application form and submit the original form to Facilities Services, located in 1313 E. Columbia. Instructions for ordering can be found online. Go to OfficeMax Solutions, then look directly underneath the log-in boxes for "user guide and tutorial".

    If you cannot find the item that you are looking for, please call us at x6999. In most cases, we can find the item for you through the OfficeMax representative.

    Furniture consultations

    The Purchasing Office buys all furniture for the university. If you are looking to have your space remodeled and would like a consultation on available products and university standards, please submit a work order and we will contact you.

    Surplus furniture inventory

    Support Services keeps a limited amount of furniture in storage for reuse on campus, particularly commonly requested items such as file cabinets, chairs, desks, and bookcases. Submit a work order if you are looking for something.

    You may also submit a work order to get rid of furniture items and equipment that your department no longer needs. Items may be kept for reuse on campus, sold, or disposed of. In your work order, please include a description of the item, its location and condition, and the asset tag number (if any).

    Campus artwork inventory

    There is a small inventory of art that is not currently displayed on campus. Contact Tom Lucas, SJ, for more information.

    Real estate

    The Facilities Department maintains files on all properties owned or leased by the university. Contact (206) 296-6999, for more information.

    last updated: 2/1/16