Office of the Provost
Staff List
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    Office of the Provost

    Isiaah Crawford
    (206) 296-2595

    Vice President for University Planning and Vice Provost
    Robert Dullea
    (206) 296-2590

    Associate Provost for Academic Achievement
    Charles Lawrence
    (206) 296-6953

    Associate Provost for Global Engagement
    Victoria Jones
    (206) 296-6363

    Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Education
    William Ehmann
    (206) 220-8214

    Assistant Provost for Business and Faculty Administration
    Di Di Galligar
    (206) 296-2379

    Administrative Coordinator
    (206) 296-6963

    Senior Administrative Assistant
    Rosa Hughes
    (206) 296-6384