Albers School of Business and Economics

Student Experience

I had the privilege to coach two amazing consulting teams who provided PACCAR with insights and perspectives that influenced key business decisions. Both teams produced deliverables of such exceptional quality that they were asked to present their findings to senior level executives beyond their project sponsor. I am so proud of their hard work and professionalism, and their demonstration of the client-centered consultation process.  It continues to be a terrific honor to learn with the MBA students at Albers.

- Prof. Kellee Franklin, PhD

The International Business Consulting class is a great course to not only learn in the classroom but also get real hands on consulting experience from local businesses.

- Melissa McGregor Sather, MBA student

The class pushed me out of my comfort zone by challenging me to, among other things, think critically, research, collect and organize vast data sets, exercise leadership skills, communicate and engage the client, and perfect professional writing and presentations.

- John Kuo, MBA student

I think that this class should be required for every student in the MBA program. The lessons learned here are far more valuable than any I've acquired through a book or by memorizing procedures in finance class. 

- Dan Donohue, MBA student

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We had 3 highly skilled and motivated MBA students on our project. The approached their consulting without a bias that we’ve seen with other consultants. We were amazed at what these students accomplished in just a couple of months!

- Mike Luiten, President, Northwest Grating Products, Inc.