Sponsor Experience

Business consulting project types:

The Albers School of Business and Economics hosts sponsored projects for MBA students.  Projects are grouped into areas of International Business Consulting, New Ventures Consulting, and Sustainable Business Consulting.  Projects book quickly, so reserve a slot today.

How to become a business consulting project sponsor

  1. The sponsoring company writes a short project scope.  You can read sample project scopes here. Send the proposed project scope to the Project Center.
  2. The scope is reviewed and approved by Seattle University.  
  3. The company signs an agreement to engage a project with Seattle University. The project starts the with the first night of class in the specific quarter (winter, spring, fall)
  4. The students meet with the sponsor and liaison soon after the first night of class.  When the students meet with you, they will gather more detailed information to refine the project.  
  5. The student consulting team sends a letter of engagement to you, detailing what they agree to research, review, report, analyze, and any other other project requirements.  
  6. During the next 8 weeks, the students work on the consulting project.  Our recommendation is the sponsoring company allot 2 hours per week to meet with the students (in person or via phone) and to answer e-mails, refer to internal and external clients, etc.  
  7. The last week of the quarter, the students make a presentation to the key principals at the company (sponsor,  executives, and others).  They also provide a written report to the sponsor.  The project is complete after the presentation and written report are presented to the company.

Every project is unique and specific to the sponsoring company. The level of detail and commitment required by you would probably fit within the framework outlined above. The best projects are a) real situations or problems that a company needs to address and do not have a predetermined outcome, and b) supported by senior leadership with a liaison who can access information or contacts for the student consulting team.


Current/Past Projects

 Follow this link to view abstracts of current and past MBA projects.

Sponsor Experience

The Project Center at Seattle University is a win-win program. The Boeing Company gains the experience of working with the next generation of engineers with innovative approaches to projects, and the students gain invaluable experience of real-world engineering in a fast-paced atmosphere.

- Carolyn Brandsema, '88 MBA Vice President, Airplane & Production Replacement Systems, The Boeing Company