Office of the President

The Next Five Years

  • In February 2012, Stephen Sundborg, S.J., was appointed by the Board of Trustees to a fourth five-year term as president of Seattle University. Shortly after his reappointment, the president laid out his key areas of focus for the years ahead.

    The president said that much of his energy will be focused on SU's next capital campaign, set to launch in summer 2013.He sees a new era dawning at SU in which the university will strengthen and develop new partnerships, particularly with "the significant global institutions of Seattle, (with) a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and health sciences."

    Another area of focus, the president said, will be "finding our way with how we use technology to best deliver a Seattle University education. We have major decisions to face in the next five years. Many universities are panicking in terms of chasing the new technology, but our strategy is to have the technology chase our academic quality."

    Also on the president's mind these days is, "How do we continue to make the Seattle University education a patently global education? We've come some distance toward that with the implementation of the new Core Curriculum and its whole new phase of global education built right in and the efforts to begin to develop some new international convergence sites."

    If there's one thing the president is most excited about, it is the Seattle University Youth Initiative, which is "off to such a remarkably strong start" he said, referencing the Presidential Award for community service that SU received in March.