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  • New Civil Rights Program in Development

    Washington State is failing. Its education system received an "F" in educating students about the American civil rights movement, according to a 2012 report by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Now the state's universities and colleges are mobilizing to address this problem. In January, Professors Emily Lieb and Ben Curtis attended a conference at Whitman College in Walla Walla on how higher educational institutions can partner with K-12 schools to improve teaching about the civil rights movement. Matteo Ricci College's Poverty Education Center will be collaborating with the University of Washington, Seattle Pacific University, and Seattle Central Community College on a new program to send undergraduates into middle school and high school classrooms to give lessons on civil rights history. Adapting a model pioneered by Whitman, Matteo Ricci students in the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities for Teaching degree will be trained in essential content for civil rights history, and will then share their knowledge and teaching experience with students in local schools. This innovative program, with its promising partnership between multiple universities and schools, is currently being developed, and is scheduled for launch next year. 


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