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  • The Canadian Dream!

    Posted by Benjamin Curtis on 5/25/2014 05:51:14 PM

    The American Dream may have always been more myth than reality, but it appears that it's more myth than ever these days. The Canadian middle class is now doing better than the American middle class.

    "Yet today the American dream has derailed, partly because of growing inequality. Or maybe the American dream has just swapped citizenship, for now it is more likely to be found in Canada or Europe — and a central issue in this year’s political campaigns should be how to repatriate it.

    A report last month in The Times by David Leonhardt and Kevin Quealy noted that the American middle class is no longer the richest in the world, with Canada apparently pulling ahead in median after-tax income. Other countries in Europe are poised to overtake us as well."

    See Nicholas Kristof's full op-ed.

    Poverty spreading in the US suburbs

    Posted by Benjamin Curtis on 5/25/2014 05:46:13 PM

    Many Americans might think of poverty as primarily an urban problem. However, it's becoming more and more of an issue in the suburbs as well. And in some ways, the suburbs are even a worse place to be poor than the city. Low-density sprawl, lack of public transportation, and fewer social services mean that poverty can be harder to escape. An interesting article in Politico explores this new geography of American poverty.

    "People went to suburbia for the American dream, and it became a nightmare,” says Rev. Dwight “Ike” Reighard, MUST’s president and CEO. “People have such little margin in their lives, it’s staggering.”

    To fill in those margins, MUST provides services more often seen, or at least imagined, in the inner city: a “work recovery” shelter for the homeless and unemployed; veterans housing; rental assistance; job training; computer labs; health care. Last year its food pantry distributed $1.25 million in groceries. And over the summer MUST volunteers delivered 247,087 lunches to kids who usually rely on school to provide their one meal of the day. That's more than double what it was just four years ago."

    Check out the whole article.

    The American poor are better off, but farther behind

    Posted by Benjamin Curtis on 5/3/2014 08:41:15 AM

    The New York Times has an interesting look at how costs for goods and services have changed over the last several decades. Some things--such as televisions and computers--are much less expensive relative to decades ago, while other things--especially college tuition--are much more expensive.

    "Indeed, despite improved living standards, the poor have fallen further behind the middle class and the affluent in both income and consumption. The same global economic trends that have helped drive down the price of most goods also have limited the well-paying industrial jobs once available to a huge swath of working Americans. And the cost of many services crucial to escaping poverty — including education, health care and child care — has soared."

    Read the whole article.



    Jesuit Universities Engaging Poverty: Perspectives from Seattle and Managua

     On May 11th, the Poverty Education Center hosted "Jesuit Universities Engaging Poverty: Perspectives from Seattle and Managua." The event brought together students, faculty, staff, and community members to hear from Seattle University and la Universidad Centroamericana about how they were engaging poverty in their communities. 

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