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Seattle University Undergraduate Research Association (Suura)

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    For more than 15 years the Seattle University Undergraduate Research Association (SUURA) has worked with the Provost's office to foster programs that provide opportunities for students to engage in research with a faculty mentor.   Two faculty members serve as SUURA co-directors typically coming from different colleges across the university.  Co-directors have been members of the Biology and History departments as well as Chemistry and English.  The mission of SUURA is to encourage and support student-mentor collaborations in research and creative expression, preparing students to become the scholars, scientists, and leaders of tomorrow.

    SUURA sponsors an undergraduate research conference, the annual "Celebration of Student Scholarship" in May of each year. This all-day conference offers undergraduate students in all disciplines the opportunity to present their research projects to the public either in poster sessions or oral presentations and panels. Each student presenter is sponsored by a faculty mentor in submitting work for acceptance in the conference. As Seattle University continues to emphasize and support student research, the SUURA Conference grows each year.  In 2010, fifty mentors sponsored eighty-two students who presented research in 19 disciplines. In 2011, fifty three faculty mentors sponsored 101 student authors in 24 disciplines across all of the colleges of the university. 

    In addition to the SUURA conference, Seattle University proudly sends a large contingent of scholars across all disciplines to attend the National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in order to make presentations on their faculty-mentored research projects.  SUURA coordinates this effort and selects and mentors the students in the process of traveling and preparing for presentations at a large professional conference.  In 2010, 24 students represented Seattle University at NCUR, held in Missoula, Montana.   In 2011, 24 students represented Seattle University at the NCUR conference in Ithaca, New York. In 2012 26 students traveled to Ogden, Utah to represent Seattle University. 

    Faculty Advisors

    Nalini Iyer
    Professor, English
    Executive Advisor

    Meenakshi Rishi
    Coordinator of Undergraduate Research