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CRP Frequently Asked Questions

The Computer Refresh Program has been completed for FY2014. In FY2015, the Office of Information Technology will focus on maintenance, due to budgetary restrictions, and will replace only those machines that are no longer functional.

 If you have any questions not answered about CRP below, please direct them to helpdesk@seattleu.edu.

  • How do I request a computer refresh?
    • Computer refresh is in a maintenance phase for FY2015 in which OIT will replace only non-functional machines. If your computer is not functioning, please email helpdesk@seattleu.edu.

  • How long does it take to replace my computer?
    • Depending on the amount of data you have on your computer, the process can take at minimum, two hours. This can be expedited by you if you transfer all of your important files onto your Personal (P:) Drive. Note: Music and Movie files cannot be placed on the P-Drive.
  • What data gets transferred? 
    • We transfer all data and documents for every user that you specify. All data and documents of non-specified users will be wiped from the machine. To ensure you do not lose any files, please be sure to give us an updated list of current computer users.
    • Do I have to be there while you are replacing my computer?
      • No. We need to know what data needs to be transferred and if you have any special programs that need to installed. For Macs we require you to log in at the end so the computer will create your profile in order for us to transfer the data back. If you step away, please give us a way of contacting you
    • Does CRP include Monitors/Docking Stations?
      • No. We only supply the Computer Desktop or the Laptop Computer. All extra peripherals must be purchased through your department. Please email Technicalpurchasing@seattleu.edu for further pricing and quotes.
    •  My computer keeps crashing. Can I be bumped up on the list?
      • Only if this is causing a work stoppage for you. If your computer consistently freezes and crashes while in the middle of work then we can expedite the process. Please be sure to email CRP@seattleu.edu with scheduling.
    • Can I keep my old computer and be skipped this round of CRP?
      • No. To ensure that our inventory is accurate and up to date, we have to replace each computer one for one. You cannot keep your old system nor can you be skipped in CRP. You may be delayed. However, if you choose to delay then when we reach the end of our CRP list, everyone who delayed will be forced to upgrade their system.
    •  Can I still keep my old machine even after you update my computer?
      • No, we do not allow users to keep their old machines. We do a one for one swap. If we do not receive an old computer then you do not receive a new computer.
    •  What Operating System will I be receiving on the new computer?
      • For PCs, we install Windows 7. For Macs, they come with Mountain Lion.
    •  Can I downgrade the Operating System?
      • No. Windows XP is no longer be supported by Microsoft and we do not deploy any new systems with anything that cannot be patched. For Macs, the new systems cannot be downgraded due to Apple placing restrictions on their systems.
    • How long will the refresh take?
      • Generally, it takes 1-2 hours per computer system but it can take longer depending on the amount of data to be moved.
    • What're the differences between Windows XP and Windows 7? What's new in Office 2010?
      • Microsoft has some excellent resources available on their website about the features available in Windows 7 and Office 2010. Similar information is available for Office 2011 for the Mac



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      Upcoming Maintenance

      October maintenance

      OIT will perform Planned Systems Maintenance on Friday October 17th from 6pm - midnight.

      Services (wired & wireless access) and applications (Email, SUOnline, Canvas LMS etc.) will be intermittently unavailable during maintenance. 

      Everything should be working after maintenance is complete; if it's not, we will let you know vie email & this website.

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