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SchedulePlanner is a web application developed by OIT Application Services to assist academic departments with building the quarterly academic schedule for submission to the Office of the Registrar. Only authorized departmental users and Associate Deans have access to SchedulePlanner.

Requesting Access

Users requiring access to SchedulePlanner should contact the Office of the Registrar.

SchedulePlanner can be accessed at: http://webapps.seattleu.edu/scheduleplanner.

Technical Support

SchedulePlanner users are supported by the Academic Scheduler in the Office of the Registrar. If you have a question about using the application or are unsure if difficulties you are experiencing are a technical problem, please contact Office of the Registrar or call (206) 296-5855 for assistance. If the issue is determined to be technical in nature, you will be asked to open a support request with the OIT Help Desk. In the event of technical difficulties, the following information must be provided to the Help Desk so they may better assist you:

  • Web browser name and version.
  • A detailed description of what led up to your problem.
  • If an error message appears, fully copy/paste the error message into an email sent to helpdesk@seattleu.edu.
  • The name of the tab you were on.

Related Information

The following resources are available to assist you with using SchedulePlanner:


Introducing Free MS Office for Students


Install MS Office on your computer/mobile device at Office.com/GetOffice365

Upcoming Maintenance

September maintenance

OIT will perform Planned Systems Maintenance on the following September dates:

Friday September 12th, 6:00pm - midnight

Friday September 19th, 6:00pm - midnight

Services (wired & wireless access) and applications (Email, SUOnline, Canvas LMS etc.) will be intermittently unavailable during maintenance.  Everything should be working after maintenance is complete; if it's not, we will let you know.

Please check back soon for more details.

System Status

System is Online There are no current network problems or outages.

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