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 Jiencke, Fred-Test                 EGRN102X-X00563   
 Han, Yen-Lin                          EGRN400X-L00179   
 Lou, Ernie                               EGRN400X-L00180   
 Collins, Cameron                   EGRN400X-L01741   
 Fraga Muller, Jocelyn             EGRN405B-L01749   
 Rajopadhye, Shubha              EGRN416X-L01727   
 Jacoby, Jean                          EGRN500B-X01224   
 Darcher, Carly                        EGRN500X-L00168   
 Evans, Robin                          EGRN500X-L01515   
 Isakson, Jenna                       EGRN502X-L01418   
 PBX Management System     EGRN600X-L01508   
 Leahy, Kevin                           EGRN602X-L00133   
 Jackels, Susan                        EGRN602X-L01674   
 Paddock, Kathy                        EGRN607X-L01165 (Requested after July) 
Hofman, Lindsay                            EGRN610X-X01209    


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Upcoming Maintenance

September maintenance

OIT has completed Planned Systems Maintenance for September 2014.

Services (wired & wireless access) and applications (Email, SUOnline, Canvas LMS etc.) will be intermittently unavailable during maintenance. 

Everything should be working after maintenance is complete; if it's not, we will let you know.

Please check back soon for more details.

System Status

System is Online There are no current network problems or outages.

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