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Stowell, Laura CASY100E-L01699
Boyer, Sophie CASY104X-L00004
Bush, Nancy CASY119B-X01172
Hudgins, Audrey CASY123X-L01559
Kirschner, Joella CASY200E-L01345
Collins, John CASY200X-L01214
Mountjoy, Allison CASY200X-X01335
Wong, Marie CASY208X-CDG5HH
Hofstad, Lynn CASY220X-X01081
Teevan, Donna CASY221X-L01142
Chillmon, Carly CASY300W-L01688
Andolina, Robert CASY312J-JTK49
Chelberg, Kennedy CASY314X-L01292
Eshelman, John CASY317X-X01219
Halling, Steen CASY318E-L01398
Lilleleht, Erica CASY324E-L01744
Cook, Kathleen CASY325X-L01569
MacKrell, L. Devin CASY332X-L01582
Cory, Therese CASY400E-L01483
Tucker, Sarah CASY400E-L01728
Rosenthal, Jeri CASY400X-L01572
Lawrence, Karen CASY400X-L01722
Olsen, Erik CASY403X-L01581
Young, Richard CASY411W-X00295
Kidder, Paul CASY419X-L01381
Kidder, Paulette CASY419X-L01733
Coyne, Robert CASY423X-L01696
Hawley, Hilary CASY432X-L01260
Miller, Benjamin CASY500B-X00040
Tang, Quyen CASY500X-X00281
Leigh SJ, David CASY502W-L01425
Reis, Heather CASY503X-L01642
Johnson Bube, June CASY512X-L01725
Kilborn, Kimberly CASY536X-L01122


Browser/certificate warnings


Recent improvements to website security may generate warnings on the browser(s) you use to visit your favorite websites. Websites around the world (and at SU) are replacing older "SHA-1" certificates with newer, stronger "SHA-2" certificates. While we update SU websites, you will want to keep your internet browser up-to-date with the latest patches.

Upcoming Maintenance

October maintenance

OIT will perform Planned Systems Maintenance on Friday October 17th from 6pm - midnight.

Services (wired & wireless access) and applications (Email, SUOnline, Canvas LMS etc.) will be intermittently unavailable during maintenance. 

Everything should be working after maintenance is complete; if it's not, we will let you know vie email & this website.

System Status

System is Online There are no current network problems or outages.

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