Teaching/Learning Initiatives

Business Nic




Professor of Business Peter Raven’s independent study marketing class did a service-learning project on behalf of Potters for Peace in Nicaragua, creating a marketing plan to expand use of the clean water filter system. There were four students: 3 graduate students (MBA and MIB) and an undergraduate (Environmental Sciences). Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Jen Sorensen also oversaw the project from the beginning. Three of the students and the two faculty presented the plan to the Potters for Peace organization and a sponsoring NGO in November 2007.

Bookstore Nic




The Artisan Crafts Project was launched in 2003, importing crafts from Nicaraguan artisans (pottery, wood, leather) to expand market opportunities to small-scale craftspeople who are microloan recipients. SU students provided an initial feasibility study, and the SU bookstore developed and sustained the relationship that has imported over $125,000 worth of products over six years.





International Development Internship Project (IDIP), led by Dr. Janet Quillian, has placed a total of nine student interns in Nicaragua – four with CRS, two with CARE, one with AGROS, one with Fe y Alegria Jesuit schools, and one on a Fulbright scholarship for coffee research with chemistry Professor Dr. Sue Jackels.



Mcleod Nic




Associate Professor of History and Director of International Studies Marc McLeod twice led a two-week service-learning course in Nicaragua in June 2006 and in 2008 that included service related to reforestation and water issues in a rural community: June 2008, a two-week service-learning course (“Environment, Social Justice, and Work in Nicaragua”) focusing on reforestation and water issues with the organization El Porvenir in rural Terrabona with 11 students and Czarina Ramsay of OMA. The group also engaged in a joint service project with students from the Centro Pastoral at the UCA, where a day was spent tutoring and playing with at-risk street children from Managua. June 2006, a two-week service-learning course (“Environment, Social Justice, and Work in Nicaragua”) focusing on reforestation and water issues with the organization El Porvenir in rural El Sauce with 11 students and Barbara Parker.

Lidman Nic




Masters in Public Policy Program – Dr. Russ Lidman, Professor and Director of the Institute for Public Policy at Seattle University, has collaborated with counterparts at the Universidad Centroamericana since 2007 to help the UCA launch a Masters in Public Policy Program. He helped develop the program framework and curriculum design, and has taught in Nicaragua on the program on two separate occasions (2007 and 2009) on the topic of public policy.

Law Nic




Nicaragua Summer Law Practicum – six-week annual program in collaboration with the UCA law school places two SU law students in clinical work settings, in court observation, and in the rural context exploring the field of law and microfinance. (11 students since 2004, under guidance of Raven Lidman, Clinical Law Professor)

  • Professor of Management Barbara Parker led a two-week service-learning course for 16 students in March, 2000 exploring trade, microenterprise and community development, and providing service in the form of homebuilding for a rural village.
  • Law Faculty Exchanges – Universidad Centroamericana law faculty member Fabiola Pena spent one month at Seattle University in September, 2003 for jury trial procedures training, and the following year two SU law faculty members visited Nicaragua to provide a seminar on legal mediation at the UCA law school. 
  • Nursing Professor Kitty Grupp led eight students on a 5-week intensive community nursing practice course, in association with the John XXIII Institute at the Universidad Centroamericana, in winter, 2008.