New Student and Family Programs
New Student Immersions


  • The 2014 New Student Immersions are now only open to Students who did not attend Summer Orientation and are required to attend the Immersion.  If you are attending orientation and do sign up, we will place you onto a waiting list and let you know by July 3rd if we have a spot available for you.


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    Are you a Freshman or Transfer student? 

    Immersion Trips

    Are you registered for Summer in Seattle Orientation? 


    Based on availability, which trip is your first preference? 


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    Special Needs: Do you have any conditions that may affect you on any of the Immersion trips (e.g. diabetes, heart condition, epilepsy, dietary allergies, etc.)? Please check all that apply and use the "comments" box to explain:   


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    Important Notes

    • The participation fee for these trips will be added to your fall quarter bill
    • You must print, sign and return your waiver form (click here for all trips, also click here for the rafting trip) within 10 days of this registration. Failure to do so will jeopardize your spot on the trip.
    • These trips are not available for Matteo Ricci students because the dates conflict with your Friday Orientation program which you are required to attend.