Seattle University Students Boil Up Nitrogen Ice Cream


For Immediate Release

Date:  July 19, 2012  

WHAT: Seattle University students will gear up in goggles and lab coats to make liquid nitrogen ice cream as part of their summer research project this afternoon. The tasty treat takes just five minutes to make because of the rapid boiling of the nitrogen. This is the fourth year chemistry students have made the special ice cream, where nitrogen supplies the bubbles that double the batter size, which is made with custard, cream and vanilla or chocolate flavor. Word on the street, is that it’s better than most ice cream out there!  

WHEN: Thursday, July 26, 2012 
             4 p.m.  

WHERE: Bannan Arboretum  
              (Enter building through glass area, just SW of university seal at main gate, 12th/Marion)  

Contact:  Stacy Howard, Media Relations, 206-890-9013