Seattle University Professor to Commission Art in Japan for Quake Anniversary


A Seattle University professor is creating and will commission an art exhibit to honor those lost nearly a year ago, in Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami. Associate Fine Arts Professor Naomi Kasumi’s art was selected to be placed inside a temple in Fukushima Prefecture, one of the hardest hit areas of the country.  

A major portion of her non-traditional hanging scroll art will include a massive amount of paper cranes. Kasumi has had various local Japanese groups and SU students help create the exhibit that she’ll personally take to Japan in early March.  

The exhibit, titled “Requiem 3.11,” is meant to mourn the spirits of those lost, but encourage survivors and be a place where they can mourn and remember. The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant cause significant damage to the area.  

Kasumi’s past art exhibits have been featured locally in the Wing Luke Museum and throughout the world, from stateside to New Delhi and Japan.   

To learn more about Kasumi and Seattle University’s Fine Arts program, which offers courses in creating art and managing arts organizations, visit: