Seattle University to Hold 9/11 Anniversary Ceremony


For Immediate Release  

September 8, 2011  

WHAT: Seattle University will hold a special 10-year anniversary service to honor those lost in the 9/11/01 attacks. The Mass will occur first, with the theme of peace, followed by a special ceremony which includes:  

- The Peace Pole will be set on the altar platform during the Mass. 

- Following the announcements, the assembly will rise and sing a hymn of healing and remembrance the choir. 

- After the hymn, the funeral toll will ring as the Peace Pole is carried out by two SU ROTC cadets to be taken to, and set in the chapel reflection pool.  The presiding Father will process out in silence following the Peace Pole with the assembly behind, also in silence as the bell tolls. 

Upon reaching the pool, the Peace Pole will be set in water, and the Father and rest of the assembly will stand surrounding the pool. 

- Invited members of the assembly will lay roses on the rock next to the Peace Pole as the bell continues to toll. 

- After the last rose is laid on the rock, everyone will stand for a moment of silence and the bell stops ringing. 

- The moment of silence will conclude with a prayer. 

- Following the prayer, the assembly disperses in silence.  The Peace Pole will remain in the reflection pool for the rest of the day. 

WHEN: Sunday September 11, 2011 
           11 a.m. (mass start time) 

WHERE: The Chapel of St. Ignatius   
             (Located just north of university seal at main gate, 12th/Marion)  

*Interested media, please try to give a heads up if you plan on coming, so appropriate accommodations can be made*  

Contact:  Stacy Howard, Media Relations, 206-890-9013