Canines help Seattle University students manage stress during finals


WHAT: Students are cramming for finals and what better way for a little reprieve, than hanging out with furry friends? A collection of dogs will entertain and de-stress hundreds of students during a hectic time of year.  

WHO: The general student population. This program started 5years ago in a dorm basement. The popularity has grown so much that hundreds of students now de-stress with dogs.   

WHY: Stress is the number #1 impediment to academic performance both nationally and on SU’s campus. In the past year, 88 percent of students felt overwhelmed by all the things they had to balance, according to a National College Health Assessment done at SU.  

A 2002 study examined the effects of the presence of friends, spouses and pets on the level of stress associated with certain relatively unpleasant tasks. They found that compared with human support, the presence of pets was associated with lower perceived and actual responses to stress.   

Another study showed that pets lower blood pressure and showed better heart function in heart failure patients after a canine beside visit. Even a short pet visit is proven to increase levels of feel-good endorphins and lower levels of stress.  

WHAT ELSE: Tables will be set up at the event to educate attendees about various proven methods of stress reduction/management as well as resources on campus to seek help when needed.  These include: a tea station where students can learn the benefits and calming effects of certain types of tea, healthy snacks such as oranges to teach the benefits of vitamin C and other de-stressing tips.  

WHEN: Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 
            4-5:30 p.m.  

WHERE: Pigott Pavilion Lobby (media: park/enter campus via 12th/Columbia turn-around, make first left in front of library walk towards Student Center, Pigott will be on the left)