Seattle University Students Wear Gero-Suit to Experience Aging Effect


WHAT: Seattle University students will step into gero-suits next week, to get a dose of the aging process. Several undergraduate nursing students specializing in the geriatric field are literally experiencing changes the body makes over time.  

In this clinical portion of their studies, students will wear the physical limitations simulation suit, which lets them personally experience physical disabilities and age-related changes such as decreased range of motion, osteoporosis-like posture, limited sight, hearing loss, joint stiffness, arm/leg discomfort and more.  

Students work in teams to dress in the suit and assist each other to eat, walk, sit and lie down. With this suit on, it isn't easy!  

Though it starts out fun, many students often comment how difficult it is "walking and watching" at the same time, and by the end of the practice, realize just how much people change as they age; adding more sense of compassion for those who live with such limitations every day.  

WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012 
            12 p.m.  

WHERE: SU School of Nursing Clinical Performance Lab 
              James Tower Life Sciences Center, Floor 4 (Swedish Cherry Hill Medical Center) 
              550 17th Avenue 
              Seattle, WA 98122