Frequently Asked Questions

I am thinking about changing my major. When should I let you know?

A change of major may affect what courses you need to take in the fall quarter, so please let us know as soon as possible. In some cases a request to change your major requires a re-evaluation of admission requirements, and you may not be eligible to immediately change your major to the program of your choice. If you find yourself in this situation, the premajor program in the College of Arts and Sciences is an appropriate major for students eventually seeking admission into another major or school.

Should I come to Seattle University with a specific major in mind?

You are not required to know what your major will be. Let your experiences with the college community, teachers, advisers and other students, help you develop a broader and more informed basis for making a choice when you are ready. Please refer to Major Decisions for detailed information on selecting a major.
What if I have Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate credit?

If you have AP or IB credit, you need to send your official exam scores to Seattle University's Registrar's Office. Once they are received, you will be awarded appropriate credit toward your degree requirements. It is important to include this information on your response form, so that appropriate courses can be selected. You should send in your response form whether or not you have already received your AP/IB scores. When you fill out your registration information, be sure to indicate what AP or IB credit you expect to receive even if you have not received your scores yet. This will help the summer registration advisers to complete your schedule.

What if I have Running Start or transfer credit?

If you have earned college transfer credit, you must request that a copy of your transcript be sent to the Admissions Office. Once your transcripts have been evaluated, you will be sent a "Degree Program Checksheet" for your major, which details how your classes transferred and which courses have been applied toward your degree requirements. Depending on the number of credits you are transferring, this may affect how you will register for fall quarter.

If I register now, is my tuition due right away?

Tuition is typically due the week before classes begin. Therefore, while you are registering now and will be sent a bill, you will not be required to pay tuition until later. For a list of the tuition due dates please visit the Student Financial Serves website.

My AP scores haven't arrived yet. What do I do?

Send in your registration materials whether or not you have received your scores. Please clearly indicate what exams have been taken. Your initial schedule will be adjusted, if necessary, once the scores are received. If  you have your scores by the time of your orientation session, please bring a copy with you.

I've decided not to attend Seattle University in the fall, what do I need to do?

There are two steps you must complete if you choose not to attend Seattle University in the fall:

Step 1: Inform the Admissions Office at (206) 220-8040 or 1-800-426-7123.

Step 2: If you have already sent your registration information, email This will allow us to drop you from the course in which you have been registered and keep you from getting a bill.

Important Note: If you have completed the registration materials and have been scheduled for classes, these classes are reserved for you and you will be held financially responsible unless you officially notify us that you will not be attending.


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Be Advised: We can serve you best if you send your inquiry by email. If you have a question please email us and include your full name.

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