NCAA Certification

Seattle University Enters Into NCAA Certification

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

We are pleased to announce that our National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Athletics Certification Self-study has been completed and submitted to the NCAA for its review.  We encourage you our Self-study document.  More than 60 SU faculty, staff, and students have been working since August on three different sub-committees to complete the study.  These subcommittees worked in the areas of Governance and Rules Compliance, Academic Integrity and Gender, Diversity and Student-Athlete Well-Being.  A list of those involved can be found below.  Many other individuals have been called upon to contribute to the study by preparing data, providing insights and/or explaining our various policies, procedures and systems.  We wish to thank all who have contributed toward the compilation of the report!
By way of reminder, the Self-study is a requirement for all Division I member schools, including those undergoing reclassification.  With the submission of the Self-study, a peer review team assigned by the NCAA will visit campus (Oct. 2-4, 2011) to review the self-study and continue with the certification process.  This visit will correspond with our final year of our four-year reclassification journey.  The peer review team will present its findings to the NCAA Committee on Athletics Certification, which will meet to review our outcomes in February 2012.  If all goes well, in April 2012 the NCAA committee will affirm the successful completion of our Division I Athletics Certification.
The Self-study process has been very helpful in identifying the strengths of our athletics program as well as our opportunities for improvement.  Our university has benefited in a number of ways from this campus wide effort.  Again, we want to thank everyone who has contributed to the process thus far.  We will continue to provide you updates via our website,



Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J.                                                      Joe Phillips

President                                                                                 Dean, Albers School of Business and Economics

                                                                                                Chair, NCAA Athletics Certification Steering Committee

901 12th Avenue, Admn 109
PO Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122-1090

Contributors to Athletics Certification Self-study:

Andrew Anderson
Associate Registrar

Jordan Anderson

Jamie Balducci
Data Systems and Reporting Specialist

Philip Barclift
Director of Liberal Studies

John Bardwell

Mike Bayard, S.J.
Director of Campus Ministry

Sarah Bee

Faculty Athletics Representative                                                     

Rick Bird
Associate Dean, Law

Chauncey Burke
Assistant Professor, Albers

Mark Burnett
Associate Vice President, Advancement

Carley Butcher

Matt Bussman
Head Athletic Trainer

Janet Cantelon
Director of Student Financial Services

Frank Case, S.J.
Jesuit Assistant in Business and Law Schools
VP for Mission and Ministry at Gonzaga

Eli Christopher
Web Manager

Jonathan Cummings
Graduate Student, Law

John Dienhart
Professor, Albers

Ruth Donohue
Managers of Human Resources

Bob Dullea
Vice President/Vice Provost

Bob Duniway
AVP for Planning

Erin Engelhardt
Academic Advisor, Arts and Sciences

Anne Enquist
Professor, Law

Shawn Farrell
Assistant Athletic Director

Terry Foster
Assistant Professor, Albers

Gavin Gilmore

Eric Guerra
Associate Athletic Director
NCAA Certification Liaison

Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs
Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences

Donny Harrel
Head Baseball Coach

Deb Hinchey
Director of Health and Wellness

Bill Hogan
Director of Athletics

Jennifer Horne
Administrative Assistant, Albers

Henry Hudson
Assistant Swimming Coach

JoAnn Hulbert-Eagan
Academic Performance Coordinator

Ty Jaros

Ariel Johnson

Jodi Kelly
Associate Dean, Matteo Ricci

Pat Kelly, S.J.                                    
Board of Trustees
Professor, Arts and Sciences

David Lance
Assistant University Counsel

Chuck Lawrence
Associate Provost


Tim Leary
Executive Vice President



Roxanne Levenson

Associate Athletic Director

Senior Women’s Administrator                         


Jeff Meder
Board of Regents

Michele Murray
Associate VP for Student Development

Monica Nixon
Director of OMA

Kiana Parker
Graduate Assistant, Scholarships

Mary Petersen
Vice President
University Counsel

Maria Pettinato
Professor, Nursing

Jeff Philpott
Assistant Professor
Core Director

Michael Quinn
Dean, Science and Engineering

Mike Raschko
Associate Professor, Theology and Ministry

Mara Rempe
Associate Dean, Science and Engineering

Jay Robertson-Howell
Psychologist, CAPS

Lauren Rochholz
Graduate Assistant
NCAA D1 Certification and Reclassification

Lauren Rochholz
Graduate Assistant
NCAA D1 Certification and Reclassification

Sean Roslaniec
Graduate Student

Carol Schneider
Director of Student Academic Services

Mark Schoen
Associate Controller

Mary-Antoinette Smith
Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences

Ron Smith
Vice President
Business and Finance

John Strait
Professor, Law

Mike Thee
Online Editor
Marketing and Communications

Teron Uy
Assistant Volleyball Coach

Eric Watson, S.J.
Professor, Science and Engineering

Allegra Wilde

Tim Wilson
Student Activities

Chris Wood
Assistant Professor, Education

Julie Woodward
Head Coach, Women’s Soccer

Kathy Ybarra
Assistant to the President