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  • MRC Students Help Organize Leadership Blitz

    Humanities for Leadership students Chelsea Schiller and Robert Gavino worked with the Office of Leadership Development to organize the 11th annual Leadership Blitz on March 1st. 

    Chelsea and Robert were involved in everything from event planning to implementation.

    "The most exciting part of the Leadership Blitz was seeing students engage in a fun, challenging, educational experience together while developing a stronger community of leaders on campus," said Chelsea.

    The Leadership Blitz is a free half-day leadership conference open to all students at Seattle University interested in building personal leadership skills. Each year, students from across campus attend the Leadership Blitz to grow and learn together. This year's theme was Connections: Relationships in the Age of Technology. During the conference students explored how technology enhances and limits their ability to work together for change.  For more information, read here.


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