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  • Professors at Search for Meaning Book Festival

    Peterson Book Festival Father O'Malley Book Festival

    As part of Seattle University's annual Search for Meaning Book Festival, Rev. Daniel Peterson PhD and Fr. William O'Malley S.J. were asked to give presentations. 

    Rev. Peterson gave a presentation titled, "Rediscovering Paul Tillich: How America's 'Most Dangerous Theologian' of the Twentieth Century Can Help Us Today." Making the case for Tillich’s broader relevance again Rev. Dr. Peterson discussed the extremes of fundamentalist religion and empty skepticism to a deeper kind of faith open to doubt and questioning. 

    Fr. O'Malley's presentation was titled "The 2700 Priests of Dachau." In it, he discusses 2,700 priests that were interned in the Dachau concentration camp during World War II.


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