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  • Professor Audrey Hudgins Awarded Grant

    Seattle University has awarded a global grant to Audrey Hudgins, BAHL faculty member, and John Bean, English faculty member in the College of Arts and Sciences to participate in a partnership project with Charles Lwanga College of Education (CLCE) to enrich the education of students at both institutions. CLCE is located at the Chikuni Jesuit Mission in Monze, Zambia. The grant will support CLCE's efforts to increase its visibility and reputation as it moves from a three-year to a four-year institution while providing a progressive, innovative, and distinctly Jesuit option for teacher training in Zambia. The goal of the grant is to help CLCE lecturers promote their students' critical thinking, writing, and general literacy skills by incorporating short problem-based writing assignments into their courses and to provide further support for students through the possible establishment of a writing center. Such an approach provides a progressive contrast to the British colonial educational system that stresses lecture and memorization over critical and creative thinking. Moreover, it aligns with the historical roots of Jesuit education grounded in Ignatius's Ratio Studiorum that valued rhetorical training, disputation, and debate aimed at developing the "whole person." Stressing writing and critical thinking through emphasis on reasoned argument, recognition of multiple perspectives, and use of evidence has its roots in St. Ignatius's original pedagogical vision. The grant supports the delivery of a writing workshop to CLCE faculty and student internships both in Seattle and at CLCE to coordinate its development in collaboration with CLCE faculty. The grant also provides student scholarships for internships to teach writing at CLCE for Spring, Summer, and Fall quarters. The grant was developed in collaboration with former Chikuni intern Kimberly Whalen, BAHT Class of 2012, former CLCE intern Katy Lapinski, BAHT Class of 2014, and the Seattle University Writing Center.


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