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  • Celebrating Dr. Daniel Peterson's Ordination


    Dr. Peterson Ordination


    The Matteo Ricci College would like to congratulate Dr. Daniel Peterson on his ordination as a Lutheran Minister! The ordination service took place on July 28th at Mountain View Lutheran Church.

    Dr. Peterson's ordination is possibly unprecedented as it is rare to call a pastor to a teaching ministry. Pastors are normally called to a specific congregation, but Dr. Peterson has been called to the Matteo Ricci College as a minister and as a teacher. This also means that Dr. Peterson has a chance to further explore ministry at Seattle University. He is looking forward to discovering how he will live out that component of his call, possibly through Campus Ministry or life as a Resident Minister on-campus.

    Says Dr. Peterson, "[I] already have a sense, for me, what it means to be a teacher." He believes that patience is an integral element of teaching, whether ordained or not. This is why he feels that "it is necessary to spend so much time working with students." Through patience, Dr. Peterson believes that we can become better communicators and deeper human beings. "The call validated and encouraged me."

    Once again, the Matteo Ricci College would like to commend Dr. Peterson on his ordination!

    At Dr. Peterson's Ordination


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