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  • Graduates of the First BAHL Class

     BAHL 1st Graduates 

    This June, the first class of BAHL students will be graduating. These students have pioneered the BAHL program and set high standards for the following classes. We wish them luck as they leave Seattle University and move forward on the path to success. 

  • Art That Empowers  

    See the feature article in The Commons about Matteo Ricci College's course here

  • Celebration of Student Research

    Posted by Lindsay Mannion on 5/30/2013 09:51:50 AM

    The Matteo Ricci College is thrilled to announce that several students of the college participated in the "Celebration of Student Research" hosted by the Seattle University Undergraduate Research Association (SUURA)! Participants from the Matteo Ricci College are Theda Hovind, Alison Pauley, Leonardo Rozal, and Cailtin Terashima. The Matteo Ricci College would also like to recognize Professor Jennifer Sorensen, Professor Audrey Hudgins, and Dr. Serena Cosgrove for sponsoring the students as faculty mentors.

    The program offers students from every discipline the chance to present research papers or projects to a larger audience through poster sessions, or oral presentations and panels. For example, Pauley's research focused on the international issue of rape of the "untouchable" women in India while Hovind's research took a look at a domestic topic - the rise of engaged citizenship through volunteering. 

    Said Pauley, "I am so grateful to Dr. Cosgrove for encouraging me to submit my research to SUURA." 

    Added Hovind, "Overall, I enjoyed the experience and I can't wait to do it again!" 

    Below is a list of the students and the subject of their research:

    Theda Hovind

    "Restoring Cheasty Greenpeace"

    Faculty Mentor: Professor Audrey Hudgins

    Alison Pauley

    "Rape in India: Caste-based Violence and the Women Fighting Against It"

    Faculty Mentor: Professor Serena Cosgrove

    Leonardo Rozal

    "Using Density Functional Theory to Calculate the Anomeric Effect in Hydrazide and Methoxyamine Derivatives of Tetrahydropyran

    Faculty Mentor: Professor Jennifer Sorensen

    Caitlin Terashima

    "The New War in El Salvador: Gang Warfare and its Effects"

    Faculty Mentor: Professor Serena Cosgrove



    Matteo Ricci College Reaches 100% Participation in Annual Faculty and Staff Campaign

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 5/22/2013 09:59:05 AM

    Like every other unit on campus, Matteo Ricci College faculty and staff give 110% on the job every day. And for the second year in a row, Matteo Ricci College set the pace for 100% giving in the annual Faculty and Staff Campaign. This year they were inspired to give early and generously by the opportunity to donate to the newly established John F. Foster, SJ Scholarship, which benefits continuing students. This is the first endowed scholarship for the College and it honors one of its co-founders. An official launch is set for May 22 at FX McRory's.

    Dr. Daniel Peterson Publishes New Book on Theologian Paul Tillich

    Posted by Lindsay Mannion on 5/22/2013 09:56:24 AM

    TillichMatteo Ricci College faculty member Dr. Daniel Peterson has recently published his book Tillich: A Brief Overview of the Life and Writings of Paul Tillich. The book offers an introduction to the Protestant theologian who challenged conventional notions of God and was called "the most dangerous theologian alive" during the height of his career. Peterson's book is a great resource to those new to Tillich and to those who are already well aquianted with him.

    read more about Dr. Peterson's book