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  • Graduates of the First BAHL Class

     BAHL 1st Graduates 

    This June, the first class of BAHL students will be graduating. These students have pioneered the BAHL program and set high standards for the following classes. We wish them luck as they leave Seattle University and move forward on the path to success. 

  • Art That Empowers  

    See the feature article in The Commons about Matteo Ricci College's course here

  • Matteo Ricci College Students Win Scholarships

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 3/20/2014 11:46:54 AM

    Morgan Burdick (BAH, '15) and Ian Carrick (BAHL, '15) have received 2014 Critical Language Scholarships (CLS). The CLS is funded by the State Department for American Students to learn "critical languages." This summer, Ian will study Indonesian in Malang, Java, Indonesia and return to Parapat, Sumatra this fall for his BAHL international internship with the Study Group for People's Initiative Development, an organization that empowers and educates rural farmers. Morgan will spend the summer in Luknow, India studying Urdu and plans to stay in India to become fluent in Urdu.

    For more information on the Critical Language Scholarship Program, click here.

    Matteo Ricci College Supports Dance Marathon

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 3/12/2014 09:11:30 AM
    On February 22nd, a team of Matteo Ricci College students participated in Seattle University's Annual Dance Marathon. The team raised over $1,400 for the Uncompensated Care Fund at Seattle Children's Hospital.
    • Christina De Senouillet (BAHT, '16)
    • Zoe Henderson (BAHT, '17)
    • Audrey Krajewski (BAHT, '16)
    • Kelly Jenkins (BAHL,'16)
    • Madeline Olson (BAHL, '16)
    • Charlotte Pearman (BAHT, '16)
    • Anna Pickett (BAHL, '16)
    MacKenzie Gaddy (BAHL, '17) and Liza White (BAHL, '16) also served on the Steering Committee, and Kelly Jenkins lead the Matteo Ricci College team as a Morale Captain.

    College Professors Win Two Grants to Carryout Research in Bosnia

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 3/10/2014 09:16:18 AM

     “War is not over when it’s over” is a common refrain that keeps coming up for Matteo Ricci College professors Ben Curtis and Serena Cosgrove in their research about how war contributes to poverty.  Compelled by the initial results of research about violence in post-conflict societies in Central America, Curtis and Cosgrove decided to expand their research to Eastern Europe.  With a grant from Seattle University’s Endowed Mission Fund, the two professors travelled to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the fall of 2013 to interview peace makers, human rights activists, and youth leaders about how the country is doing since the war ended in 1995.  Bosnia still confronts many challenges with integration and collaboration across ethnic lines.  This is particularly relevant for K-12 students who are separated by ethnicity at school, seldom enjoying the opportunity to interact with students from the other ethnicities.  Moved by the long-term peace and reconciliation challenges the country continues to face, Curtis and Cosgrove applied for a grant from Seattle University’s Global Grants Program to take an SU student delegation to Bosnia in June 2014.  With the recent news they had won the grant, Curtis and Cosgrove are now preparing to return to Bosnia.  In addition to carrying out research on the ongoing peace and reconciliation process, Curtis, Cosgrove and their students will attend an international youth conference as the US delegation commemorating 100 years since the start of World War I.

    MRC Students Help Organize Leadership Blitz

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 3/10/2014 12:18:00 AM

    Humanities for Leadership students Chelsea Schiller and Robert Gavino worked with the Office of Leadership Development to organize the 11th annual Leadership Blitz on March 1st. 

    Chelsea and Robert were involved in everything from event planning to implementation.

    "The most exciting part of the Leadership Blitz was seeing students engage in a fun, challenging, educational experience together while developing a stronger community of leaders on campus," said Chelsea.

    The Leadership Blitz is a free half-day leadership conference open to all students at Seattle University interested in building personal leadership skills. Each year, students from across campus attend the Leadership Blitz to grow and learn together. This year's theme was Connections: Relationships in the Age of Technology. During the conference students explored how technology enhances and limits their ability to work together for change.  For more information, read here.

    Professors at Search for Meaning Book Festival

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 3/10/2014 12:03:47 AM

    Peterson Book Festival Father O'Malley Book Festival

    As part of Seattle University's annual Search for Meaning Book Festival, Rev. Daniel Peterson PhD and Fr. William O'Malley S.J. were asked to give presentations. 

    Rev. Peterson gave a presentation titled, "Rediscovering Paul Tillich: How America's 'Most Dangerous Theologian' of the Twentieth Century Can Help Us Today." Making the case for Tillich’s broader relevance again Rev. Dr. Peterson discussed the extremes of fundamentalist religion and empty skepticism to a deeper kind of faith open to doubt and questioning. 

    Fr. O'Malley's presentation was titled "The 2700 Priests of Dachau." In it, he discusses 2,700 priests that were interned in the Dachau concentration camp during World War II.

    Professor Audrey Hudgins Awarded Grant

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 3/9/2014 11:51:49 PM
    Seattle University has awarded a global grant to Audrey Hudgins, BAHL faculty member, and John Bean, English faculty member in the College of Arts and Sciences to participate in a partnership project with Charles Lwanga College of Education (CLCE) to enrich the education of students at both institutions. CLCE is located at the Chikuni Jesuit Mission in Monze, Zambia. The grant will support CLCE's efforts to increase its visibility and reputation as it moves from a three-year to a four-year institution while providing a progressive, innovative, and distinctly Jesuit option for teacher training in Zambia. The goal of the grant is to help CLCE lecturers promote their students' critical thinking, writing, and general literacy skills by incorporating short problem-based writing assignments into their courses and to provide further support for students through the possible establishment of a writing center. Such an approach provides a progressive contrast to the British colonial educational system that stresses lecture and memorization over critical and creative thinking. Moreover, it aligns with the historical roots of Jesuit education grounded in Ignatius's Ratio Studiorum that valued rhetorical training, disputation, and debate aimed at developing the "whole person." Stressing writing and critical thinking through emphasis on reasoned argument, recognition of multiple perspectives, and use of evidence has its roots in St. Ignatius's original pedagogical vision. The grant supports the delivery of a writing workshop to CLCE faculty and student internships both in Seattle and at CLCE to coordinate its development in collaboration with CLCE faculty. The grant also provides student scholarships for internships to teach writing at CLCE for Spring, Summer, and Fall quarters. The grant was developed in collaboration with former Chikuni intern Kimberly Whalen, BAHT Class of 2012, former CLCE intern Katy Lapinski, BAHT Class of 2014, and the Seattle University Writing Center.

    Matteo Ricci College Retreat

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 12/12/2013 02:03:36 PM
    During the Fall Quarter, 20 Matteo Ricci College faculty and staff spent a reflective Saturday together at the Peace and Spirituality Center of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace on the eastern shore of Lake Washington. Dean Jodi Kelly, Father John Foster, SJ, and Brendan Busse, SJ were awarded a grant from Seattle University's Endowed Mission Fund to design and facilitate a day of reflection on Ignatian pedagogy. The working title for the day was "The Examen-ed Life: Ignatian Reflection and the Academic Vocation" and became a welcomed opportunity for individual and communal self-reflection on the personal and professional foundations of our work in the college.

    Seattle U: A Fulbright Program Top Producer

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 12/2/2013 09:46:05 AM

    As the Fulbright Student Program Adviser, Dr. Serena Cosgrove is proud to announce that Seattle University is one of this year's Fulbright Program "Top Producers!" For a list of other "Top Producers," click here.

    According to the Fulbright Program's website, it is "the largest U.S. exchange program offering opportunities for students and young professionals to undertake international graduate study, advanced research, university teaching, and primary and secondary school teaching worldwide." Nearly 2,000 students are awarded scholarships each year. To read more about the Fulbright Program, click here!

    Recent MRC recipients include: Elizabeth Rowen (Spain), Zoe Monroe (India), Darlene Germino (Malaysia), Senay Kahsay (Ethiopia), and Sophia Sanders (Kenya). This year, Caitlin Terashima has applied for a Fulbright to El Salvador.

    MRC Alumna Honored at CenturyLink

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 11/19/2013 09:46:49 AM

    Megan James

    Megan James (BAHT, '08) was honored by Symetra and the Seattle Seahawks on October 22nd for educational excellence in the Symetra Heroes in the Classroom program.

    "Megan James is the teach I always hoped my son would have," said Jocelyn Shope, who nominated James. "Your first teacher paves the way for the rest of your education. If children think school is fun in kindergarten, as my son did, then they will be excited to return the next year. I have never seen anything like Ms. James. She truly loves her job and is always will to work with parents to make school fun for her students."

    As part of the recognition, Ms. James received a $1,000 for books and supplies, as well as tickets to a Seahawks home game to be recognized on-field.

    You can read more about Symetra's Heroes in the Classroom program here.

    Rev. Dr. Peterson in Denmark

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 11/12/2013 09:04:17 AM

    In the first week of December, Rev. Dr. Daniel Peterson will be speaking at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark as part of the Centre for Naturalism and Christian Semantics' consultation.

    This is an international consultation of theologians who will be discussing the topic of the incarnation. Rev. Dr. Peterson will be giving a paper title, "Beyond 'Deep Incarnation': Exploring the Radical Lutheran Heritage of Complete Divine Kenosis."

    Funding, including all travel expenses will be paid for by the University of Copenhagen.

    Sophomore BAHL Students Visit iLEAP

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 11/5/2013 09:21:35 AM

    On October 11th and October 31st, the sophomore B.A. in Humanities for Leadership students visited ILEAP to meet with the participants in their International Fellowship program. ILEAP, an organization based in Seattle, is dedicated to social change and renewal through value-based leadership and strong personal connections that span the globe.

    Each year, iLEAP selects up to 15 grass-roots leaders from a pool of hundreds of candidates to participate in an 8 week leadership training. As part of their Leadership in Organizations class, the sophomore Leadership students were able to meet the international fellows and discuss what the fellows do in their home countries. Also explored were questions like: What does it mean to be a leader? What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your work?

    For more information on iLEAP, you can visit their website at

    Celebrating Dr. Daniel Peterson's Ordination

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 8/29/2013 12:51:21 PM


    Dr. Peterson Ordination


    The Matteo Ricci College would like to congratulate Dr. Daniel Peterson on his ordination as a Lutheran Minister! The ordination service took place on July 28th at Mountain View Lutheran Church.

    Dr. Peterson's ordination is possibly unprecedented as it is rare to call a pastor to a teaching ministry. Pastors are normally called to a specific congregation, but Dr. Peterson has been called to the Matteo Ricci College as a minister and as a teacher. This also means that Dr. Peterson has a chance to further explore ministry at Seattle University. He is looking forward to discovering how he will live out that component of his call, possibly through Campus Ministry or life as a Resident Minister on-campus.

    Says Dr. Peterson, "[I] already have a sense, for me, what it means to be a teacher." He believes that patience is an integral element of teaching, whether ordained or not. This is why he feels that "it is necessary to spend so much time working with students." Through patience, Dr. Peterson believes that we can become better communicators and deeper human beings. "The call validated and encouraged me."

    Once again, the Matteo Ricci College would like to commend Dr. Peterson on his ordination!

    At Dr. Peterson's Ordination

    Poverty Education Center Featured

    Posted by Lindsay Mannion on 7/11/2013 09:23:48 AM

    The Poverty Education Center, hosted by Matteo Ricci College and directed by Dr. Ben Curtis, was recently featured on Seattle University's online platform The Commons.

    To learn more about the great work the center is doing read this feature article or visit the Poverty Education Center webpage.

    Famous Map Soon-To-Be Displayed

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 7/10/2013 09:54:27 AM

    The Matteo Ricci College will soon hang a copy of a famous map on its office walls created by its namesake, Matteo Ricci S.J. It will be prominently featured in the office.

    Commissioned by Emperor Wanli of China in 1602, the original map put China at the center of the world, and was the first Chinese map to identify the Americas. It is currently valued around $1 million.

    The map was on display for four months in 2010 at the Library of Congress before it was returned to the James Ford Bell Library at the University of Minnesota. You can read more about the map here and here

    Undergrads in the News: Matteo Ricci Students Win Awards

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 6/11/2013 08:47:48 AM

    The Matteo Ricci College would like to congratulate Robert Gavino and Beth Williams for receiving 2013 Student Recognition Awards. Gavino--a sophomore Humanities for Leadership student--received The Mission Award for Faith, while Williams--a junior Humanities for Teaching student--received The Mission Award for Justice.

    Gavino serves Seattle University as an Orientation Advisor and Tour Guide, while planning programs for students of faith at the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program among other things. He is also a liturgical volunteer for Campus Ministry.

    William works as a Student Leader for the Common Good for the Center for Service and Community Engagement while serving as a facilitator for the Seattle University Youth Initiative class. She also participates in and leads immersion trips each year.

    You can find out more about the Student Recognition Awards here:

    Celebration of Student Research

    Posted by Lindsay Mannion on 5/30/2013 09:51:50 AM

    The Matteo Ricci College is thrilled to announce that several students of the college participated in the "Celebration of Student Research" hosted by the Seattle University Undergraduate Research Association (SUURA)! Participants from the Matteo Ricci College are Theda Hovind, Alison Pauley, Leonardo Rozal, and Cailtin Terashima. The Matteo Ricci College would also like to recognize Professor Jennifer Sorensen, Professor Audrey Hudgins, and Dr. Serena Cosgrove for sponsoring the students as faculty mentors.

    The program offers students from every discipline the chance to present research papers or projects to a larger audience through poster sessions, or oral presentations and panels. For example, Pauley's research focused on the international issue of rape of the "untouchable" women in India while Hovind's research took a look at a domestic topic - the rise of engaged citizenship through volunteering. 

    Said Pauley, "I am so grateful to Dr. Cosgrove for encouraging me to submit my research to SUURA." 

    Added Hovind, "Overall, I enjoyed the experience and I can't wait to do it again!" 

    Below is a list of the students and the subject of their research:

    Theda Hovind

    "Restoring Cheasty Greenpeace"

    Faculty Mentor: Professor Audrey Hudgins

    Alison Pauley

    "Rape in India: Caste-based Violence and the Women Fighting Against It"

    Faculty Mentor: Professor Serena Cosgrove

    Leonardo Rozal

    "Using Density Functional Theory to Calculate the Anomeric Effect in Hydrazide and Methoxyamine Derivatives of Tetrahydropyran

    Faculty Mentor: Professor Jennifer Sorensen

    Caitlin Terashima

    "The New War in El Salvador: Gang Warfare and its Effects"

    Faculty Mentor: Professor Serena Cosgrove



    Matteo Ricci College Reaches 100% Participation in Annual Faculty and Staff Campaign

    Posted by Paul DeWater on 5/22/2013 09:59:05 AM

    Like every other unit on campus, Matteo Ricci College faculty and staff give 110% on the job every day. And for the second year in a row, Matteo Ricci College set the pace for 100% giving in the annual Faculty and Staff Campaign. This year they were inspired to give early and generously by the opportunity to donate to the newly established John F. Foster, SJ Scholarship, which benefits continuing students. This is the first endowed scholarship for the College and it honors one of its co-founders. An official launch is set for May 22 at FX McRory's.

    Dr. Daniel Peterson Publishes New Book on Theologian Paul Tillich

    Posted by Lindsay Mannion on 5/22/2013 09:56:24 AM

    TillichMatteo Ricci College faculty member Dr. Daniel Peterson has recently published his book Tillich: A Brief Overview of the Life and Writings of Paul Tillich. The book offers an introduction to the Protestant theologian who challenged conventional notions of God and was called "the most dangerous theologian alive" during the height of his career. Peterson's book is a great resource to those new to Tillich and to those who are already well aquianted with him.

    read more about Dr. Peterson's book