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  • The Bachelor of Arts Humanities for Teaching

    A “Pre-education” Degree

    Like pre-law or pre-med, the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities for Teaching is a pre-education degree. Because we do not pack a teaching certificate into the program, students have time to hone their reading and writing skills, focus their studies in an endorsement area, and reflect on what it means to be a teacher.  

    Students with a degree in Humanities for Teaching are excellent candidates for Masters in Teaching programs, which enable them to earn an average of $7,000 per year more than their counterparts with only a Bachelor’s degree.

    Forming Future Teachers

    Students in the Humanities for Teaching degree take foundational humanities classes and specialized teaching classes, as well as classes in the discipline they want to teach. Three required internships give students real teaching experience.


    Because the Humanities for Teaching degree is a cohort program, students typically join the program as incoming freshmen and move through the degree with their peers, building relationships and learning from one another. Learn more about Humanities for Teaching admissions.

    Post-grad Opportunities

    Students with a degree in Humanities for Teaching are ideal candidates for any Masters in Teaching program. They have critical thinking skills, a mature understanding of education, and teaching experience that makes them stand out among their peers. Graduates who choose not to pursue teaching are also well-prepared for other careers, ranging from nonprofit work to business administration. Learn more about Humanities for Teaching Post-grad opportunities.

  • Teaching is not only about imparting knowledge, but also about helping students gain the social and critical thinking skills they need to transform their lives, their communities, and the world for the better. With the help of my peers and professors, I now envision myself as an educator who approaches teaching with firm values, an open mind, and compassionate understanding.

    Darlene Germino, 2012 Fulbright Scholar Humanities for Teaching Class of 2012
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