Matteo Ricci College
Humanities for Leadership

Student Voices

  • Shortly after classes began, I rediscovered myself all over again, perhaps from the immediate connection with my cohort, perhaps from the compassion and challenges from each professor, or perhaps from the realization that I have more potential than I know. The degree has broadened my worldview and has led me to question myself and others about what really matters in this world. Matteo Ricci College, and especially the Humanities for Leadership degree, has helped me to discover my true love: a life of service to others.

    Emily Harris Humanities for Leadership Class of 2015
  • I wake up excited to attend classes and do homework. Our professors care: they push us, they stretch our imaginations, and they challenge us to reach higher than we thought possible. The Humanities for Leadership degree does not give you opportunities; it teaches you to find opportunities for yourself and helps you to take advantage of them.

    Robert Gavino Humanities for Leadership Class of 2015
  • It has become clear to me that we live in a broken world; injustices and the tragedies that come with them are commonplace. However, the Humanities for Leadership program has built the foundation for me to become a leader for a more just and humane world. Through cohort learning and academic rigor, the degree has fostered my passions and given me the tools to fix our broken world.

    Alex Ozkan Humanities for Leadership Class of 2015
  • Alex and Michael NPH 2012

    Alex Ozkan '15 and Michael Keenen '15 spend time with students as part of their local internship with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos International.