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  • The Humanities for Leadership

    Leadership for the Common Good

    The Humanities for Leadership degree prepares graduates who are knowledgeable in a discipline of their choice but able to lead in a variety of diverse settings. Drawing from Jesuit principles, the Humanities for Leadership degree teaches students how to be discerning leaders, that is, leaders who know themselves, know their capacities, and know their limitations. By the end of their senior year, students have developed a deep and personal code of ethics that enables them to lead for the common good.

    Degree Requirements

    The Humanities for Leadership degree requires classes in humanities and in leadership, but also requires students to specialize in a subject of their choice, ranging from pre-med to environmental studies.

    Students complete two internships: one local internship in the sophomore year and one international internship in the senior year. These internships give students the chance to apply their classroom learning to real-world situations and to bring examples back into the classroom for richer discussion and reflection.


    Admission to the degree is open to students from any high school. The program is selective and cohort-based, meaning that program coordinators admit a diverse and high-achieving group of 15-25 incoming freshmen each year.

    Post-grad Opportunities

    With the understanding of the humanities necessary for quality work and the leadership skills necessary to move themselves and others forward and upward, Humanities for Leadership students are ideal candidates for any job opportunity, graduate school, or service work.

  • The Humanities for Leadership degree leads me to discover who I am and who I want to be. With the guidance of the faculty and staff, I am finding my own voice, my own discernment process, and my own writing style. It has become my mission to find that which I love and commit my life to it.

    Anna Romanovsky Class of 2015
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