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    About Contemplative Leaders in Action

    Contemplative Leaders in Action (CLA) is a two-year spiritual formation and leadership development program rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. While the program nurtures individual growth, it also strives to develop a cohort of leaders who can bring the dynamics of faith and justice to lead their families, co-workers and communities. The program currently operates in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Atlanta, and Orange County.

    CLA is designed for young adult professionals between the ages of 25-39. The ideal cohort is composed of twenty to twenty-four emerging leaders representing diverse professions, faiths, and cultural/ethnic backgrounds. Participants share certain key characteristics: a capacity for self-reflection, several years of work experience, a personal commitment to serve the common good, demonstrated leadership potential, and the willingness to pursue spiritual and professional growth. Because development of community is crucial to success of the program, participants also share a willingness to share honestly and respectfully.

    Magis accepts applications on a yearly basis. Those interested in applying may check back in Spring 2016 for more details and an application.

    Benefits of CLA

    CLA’s goal is to have participants:

    • Build a community of Jesuit-educated peers and Ignatian mentors in various occupations
    • Deepen one’s relationship to self, God and community, while learning and putting into practice Jesuit techniques for sound discernment and praying
    • Explore the connection between one’s faith and justice, and put this commitment into practice
    • Hone one’s leadership and interpersonal skills 
    • Reflect on and increase understanding of one’s values, strengths, growth areas, and calling in the world
    • Discuss the context in which we live and discern where and how one is called to lead


    The curriculum of the Contemplative Leaders in Action program is divided into four parts, with each part undergirded by one of the four weeks of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, and emphasizing one of the four pillars of leadership outlined by Chris Lowney, and one segment of the model of Karin Botto, E. Springs Steele, and Ronald L. Dufresne. This structure is not intended to substitute for the Spiritual Exercises, but to provide an introduction to the Spiritual Exercises as a developmental process which results in decision-making and leadership skills that are faith-based, justice-oriented, and holistic.

    Click here for CLA Curriculum 2015-17


    2015-2017 CLA Cohort (CLA4)


    Michael Alcantara - Seattle Prep, Seattle University
    Shandra Benito - Seattle University, Jesuit Volunteer Corp NW
    Tony Capeloto - Seattle University
    Meghan Casey - Boston College, Gonzaga in Florence, Seattle University
    Kara Cherniga - Boston College
    Megan Choitz - Loyola Marymount University
    John Conway - Seattle University
    Reilly Curran - Seattle University
    Lindsey Dvorak - Seattle University, Jesuit Volunteer Corp NW 
    Sonia Falcon - Seattle University
    Jill Kinison - Seattle University
    Alex Klemm - Seattle University
    Amy Landgraf - Seattle University
    Rand Lutomski - Seattle University
    Sean Machack - Seattle University
    Katie Madson - Boston College
    Justin Milne - Seattle University
    Meghan Patiño - Seattle University, Saint Louis University
    Meaghan Quinlan - Boston College
    Hailey Rademacher - Gonzaga Prep, Creighton University
    Sarah Shives - Seattle University, Jesuit Volunteer Corp NW
    Eden Tullis - Seattle University
    Alexandra Van Ingen - Seattle University
    Dominic Wood - Seattle University

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    2014-2016 CLA Cohort (CLA3)

    CLA 3 Opening Retreat Photo

    Sarah Ahmad -  University of San Francisco  
    Shawn Allen - Gonzaga University, Loyola University New Orleans 
    DuWayne Andrews, Jr - Seattle University 
    Bethany Benson - Seattle Prep, Seattle University   
    Antonietta Bertucci - Seattle University  
    Andrew Campbell - Seattle University
    Annapatrice Clarke - Jesuit High School
    Alex Cooper - Bellarmine Prep, Loyola University New Orleans
    John Crawford-Gallagher - Fairfield University
    Jes Erickson - Seattle University
    Mariane Escalona - Seattle University, University of San Francisco 
    Christa Fagnant -  Gonzaga University, Jesuit Volunteer Corps
    Valerie Fuchs - Gonzaga University
    Anthony Gromko - Gonzaga University
    Katrina Hale - Seattle University
    Zandy Harlin - Seattle University, Jesuit Volunteer Corps
    Brian Hensley - Seattle University
    Kate LaPlante - Seattle University
    Alexis McMahan - Seattle University
    Meghan Pelley - Georgetown University
    Rosa Singer - Seattle University
    Melanie Twohy - Gonzaga University
    Jeff Upton - Jesuit Volunteer Corps
    Dana Weaver - Seattle University, Loyola University Chicago

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    CLA Service Board 

    The CLA Service Board helps to create and bring ongoing spiritual and leadership formation, as well as community building opportunities, to the vibrant Seattle CLA community. We are grateful to the following members for their service:

    • Rachel Forte, CLA1
    • Holly Hoff, CLA1
    • Nicholas Ford, CLA2
    • Beth Richer-Kilpatric, CLA1
    • Dan Kelly-Petersen, CLA1

    CLA Mentor Community

    CLA participants engage with and are supported by the CLA Mentor Community, which is made up of seasoned, faith-centered and inspiring leaders. The primary purpose of the CLA Mentor Program is to help participants to integrate CLA learnings, and further develop oneself as an Ignatian leader. The CLA mentor program is about accompaniment, learning, mutuality, trust, authenticity and humility. Magis matches mentors and mentees and provide ongoing support. Mentors and mentees meet on a monthly basis in the second year of the CLA program, and Magis provides catalyst questions tied to the CLA curriculum for mentor meetings. We are grateful for our mentors for their time and dedication in supporting our emerging leaders!

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