Mission and Ministry
Alumni Living the Mission

Katie and Patrick Rossmann

  • The Jesuits have greatly impacted and enhanced our lives over the past decade. In fact, we have the Jesuits to thank for our relationship as we first met at orientation for Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC). That year Katie worked at Habitat for Humanity in Anchorage, AK and Patrick worked at House of Charity, a homeless shelter, in Spokane, WA.  Jesuit Volunteer Corps’ motto is “Ruined for Life” and for both of us, JVC was a year that challenged and changed us for the better. Living in community and volunteering for a year was a transformative experience that has stayed with us.

    We both attended Jesuit institutions for undergrad (Marquette University and Boston College) and are grateful for the holistic education we each received. Jesuit education has given us a framework to view the world and has deepened our commitment to social justice. Central to our education was the idea of being men and women for others. It taught us the importance of finding meaning in the work we do and taking action on education that we received. Katie works as an energy engineer at McKinstry where she is involved with creating sustainable design solutions for buildings. Patrick works at Seattle University in Student Activities and is committed to helping students develop as leaders and learners. When life gets busy, it’s important for us to be reminded of the Jesuit values and to try to live a more reflective life.

    It’s been great to be a part of the Seattle U and Magis communities these past five year as we try to live the mission of Jesuit education. We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with Jesuit alumni from many different institutions and eras. With this diversity of experiences we have found a commonality of values. For us Magis is a reminder that our Jesuit education did not end at graduation, but rather, it continues as a life-long formation. We have had the pleasure to continue our relationship with JVC, serving as support people for one of the JVC houses in Seattle for the past two year. Staying connected to the JVC community has been a great way to be reminded of the values of community, spirituality, simple living, and social justice. We value the opportunity to talk with the Jesuit Volunteers about the challenges in their placements, reflect on how they’ve grown by living in community, or simply share a meal. It’s also been a nice reminder of where it all started for us.

  • Boston College '03
    Marquette University '03

    JVC '03-'04