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Alumni Living the Mission

Alumni Living the Mission

  • Alumni Living the Mission

    Jesuit-educated alumni all over the Puget Sound region are doing amazing things to live out the mission of being men and women for others. Each month, Magis features alumni who are faithfully serving and leading out of the mission of Jesuit education in their own unique ways. Read below for our featured stories.

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    Magis wants to hear how you or a Jesuit-educated friend, couple, family, or community is living out the mission and values of Jesuit education in everyday life. To nominate yourself or someone you know, click here to get the application. Selected alumni will be highlighted on this page and the monthly Magis eNewsletter!

  • Jennifer & Matt Tilghman-Havens Family

    Tilghman-Havens Family

    Amid the fullness of family life, Jesuit alums Jennifer (Boston College MA/MSW ‘01, MBA '07) & Matt Tilghman-Havens (Boston College BA '98, JD '06) have taken to using a kid-friendly version of the Ignatian Examen as a way to center their family life each day. Click below to read more about this version of reflection in this month’s Alumni Living the Mission.

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  • Fr. Bob Stephan, S.J.

    Fr. Bob Stephan, S.J. v2

    Fr. Bob Stephan, S.J. is the newest addition to the Magis team. As the Chaplain for Ignatian Leadership, Bob serves as the co-facilitator for the Contemplative Leaders in Action (CLA) program. Over the course of his life, he has asked himself “Are you driven or drawn?” as a way of discerning God’s invitation, and not simply his own determination in making life choices. Click below read more about his story and his new role at Seattle University.

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  • Kristen Morgan

    Kristin Morgan

    This quarter's Alumni Living the Mission features Kristen Morgan (Class of 2009 and 2013, Jesuit Volunteer Corp NW 2009-10), a two time Seattle U grad and former Jesuit Volunteer who is doing amazing things. In addition, Kristin is also a participant in the Contemplative Leaders in Action (CLA) Ignatian Leadership Program. Click below to read her reflection on discernment, transition, living through values, and how her experience in CLA has helped her grow personally and professionally.

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  • Professionals Without Borders Trip to Nicaragua

    Image - NPH for Smart Form

    For the first time since it started in 2007, Professionals Without Borders at Seattle University is opening their service trip to Nicaragua to Jesuit alumni. The concept is simple: connect students, staff, and now alumni with skilled trades people (plumbers, electricians, engineers, etc.) to complete small, but substantial, projects for people in need. This will be the third trip to Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (Our Little Brothers and Sisters), home to 250 children located in Jinotepe, a 45 minute drive from Managua. Click here to read more about this opportunity!

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  • Glen Butterworth, S.J. and Natch Ohno, S.J.

    Image - Natch HTML

    Hear what Glen Butterworth, S.J. and Natch Ohno, S.J. are looking forward to in their new roles as CLA2 and CLA3 Chaplains respectively.

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  • Angeline Thomas

    image - Angeline

    Angeline Thomas is a current participant in Contemplative Leaders in Action - an Ignatian Leadership program. Click to read more about how the CLA program is helping her discern everyday life commitments and connecting her to other Jesuit alums.

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  • Paul Milan

    Paul Milan March

    Paul Milan (Seattle University '64) is inspired by the call of Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, S.J. to us as Jesuit alumni to become more engaged in the world. This call inspired him to help create both an academic course and an international, community-based program at Seattle University that forms students and alumni alike.

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  • Catherine and West Livaudais

    Livaudais small

    Catherine and West Livaudais are twins by birth, but mission-driven ministers of peace and presence by choice. Even from afar, their core values of prayer and service to others inspire one another.

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  • Mag+s Brazil World Youth Day

    Little Brasil

    For three weeks this past July, Maria Ochoa and Matthew Pyrc, S.J. traveled alongside a group of thirteen Seattle University students and alumni to embark on a journey of living the Magis. They participated in MAG+S, a pastoral experience of Ignatian immersion for pilgrims from Jesuit institutions leading up to World Youth Day. Among 2,000 other students, alumni, Jesuits and lay partners hailing from over 50 countries, the experience is hard to fully describe.

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  • David and Stan Lance

    David and Stan Lance - feature image

    Father and Son, Stan and David Lance, share more than an affinity for blue blazers, they embrace cura personalis and prioritize lives of faith, justice and lifelong learning.

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  • Heather Thomason and Aubrey Thonvold

    Heather and Aubery feature

    Heather Thomason and Aubrey Thonvold met while attending Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry, so they are thankful for a shared Jesuit education for many reasons. "Our Jesuit experience gave us the gift of being able to be fully ourselves and to live out the callings God has placed in our lives."

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  • Jeremy Orbe

    Jeremy Orbe Feature Item Image

    Jeremy Orbe is a Saint Louis University graduate now serving as a Jesuit Volunteer in Seattle. In addition to his work at Lifelong AIDS Alliance as the Public Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, Jeremy serves on the Magis Advisory Board.

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  • Haley Woods

    Haley feature photo

    What do a full time high school teacher, bike aficionado, Contemplative Leaders in Action participant and brewery founder/owner have in common? A Jesuit education. Seattle University alumna Haley Woods is crunched for time, but finding meaning among her commitments.

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  • Brendan Busse, S.J.

    smaller Busse headshot

    This month’s featured Alumni Living the Mission, Brendan Busse, S.J., first graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and says, “I made a good decision and a bad discernment… I consulted my head while absolutely ignoring and perhaps even silencing my heart.” As a now Jesuit and current professor of Ignatian Spirituality at Seattle U, he reflects on how sometimes our doing less enables our being more.

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  • Zach Gerdes, Bethany Kelsch, Michelle Miller

    Image - Gerdes small

    Zach Gerdes (SU, 2011), Bethany Kelsch (SU, 2011) and Michelle Miller (SU, 2012) shared a common passion for working with incarcerated youth and feared “this flame was going to be extinguished simply by evolving away from our Jesuit institution.” So they found a way to keep the flame lit and started a mentoring program for incarcerated youth that now is a service bridge for people seeking to support at-risk youth in our community.

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  • Job, Abe and Pedro Romo

    Romo Brothers Final Photo

    AMDG can be found on many Jesuit University campuses and is a concept embraced by Jesuit-educated alumni well beyond their years in school. This month’s featured Alumni Living the Mission are brothers Job, Abe and Pedro Romo. While their inspirations from this phrase vary individually from business to personal wellness, to engineering, collectively they all integrate Ignatian ideals into their professions and personal lives.

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  • Jocelyn Tidwell

    Jocelyn Image small

    "Want the change. Be inspired by the flame / where everything shines as it disappears." This introduction by Rainer Maria Rilke seems appropriate for Jocelyn Tidwell, Seattle University 2011 alumna, to borrow when she thinks about what her Jesuit education has meant.

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  • The Collins Family

    Collins Family small image

    For our family, Jesuit friends and Jesuit education have been a wellspring of wisdom and inspiration adding to what our parents gave us as a foundation for faith and service. Through the years, each of us has brought Jesuit values home, stimulating amazing dinner table conversations about justice, gender, vulnerability, and finding God in all things.

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  • Mark Flynn

    Mark Flynn small photo

    Jesuit education, and in particular the commitment and lessons of Jesuit educators, have deeply affected me. Most particularly, in adult life, Father Tom Cummings, S.J., who as President of Rockhurst High School in Kansas City (where my sons attended high school), challenged me when he spoke to the students and parents emphatically stating that “a talent is not a gift until it is given away.”

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  • Hilda Guiao


    For me, education is more than just mental stimulation or rigorous academic study. It’s about engaging the whole person to ask the challenging questions of our past, of our world and society and to seek "the more" in life and to be who it is that God is calling us to be.

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  • Katie and Patrick Rossmann

    Rossmans revised

    The Jesuits have greatly impacted and enhanced our lives over the past decade. In fact, we have the Jesuits to thank for our relationship as we first met at orientation for Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC).

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  • Sheely Mauck

    Sheely Mauck

    I was born in India, and when I was seven months old, I contracted polio, which left my legs paralyzed. However, I was adopted when I was four, and had the opportunity to move to Washington with my adopted parents.

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    Angelica Germani

    Angelica Germani

    "Declining," "limited," or "depressed" are words you may come across when perusing current articles about Tijuana, Mexico. These stories might lead readers to imagine unstable and impoverished communities beyond repair.

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    Greg Forkins

    Greg Forkins

    Jesuit education has affected my life in more ways than I can count. Some examples are more obvious than others: I moved to Seattle for JVC and never left. So every day that I wake up out here, I am reminded of how my life has taken a different trajectory than what I expected before going to Boston College… before I even knew what a Jesuit was.

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    Jim, Ben and Katrina Freeburg


    Magis features three of five Freeburg family siblings: Jim Freeburg (Santa Clara University ’03), Ben Freeburg (Gonzaga University ’01) and Katrina Freeburg (Gonzaga University ’98, JVC ’99). Each embrace and share the values of Jesuit education with their friends, family, and community, and we are grateful for their perspective on how Jesuit-education has shaped them into being men and women for others:

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    Nancy and Clay Walton-House


    Magis introduces you to Jesuit-educated alumni Nancy and Clay Walton–House, a mother and son duo who are “Living the Mission” of Jesuit education in their everyday lives. Having both graduated from Seattle University (1964 and 2007, respectively), Nancy and Clay remain connected to their Jesuit-education through Magis programs and the community it offers, as well as how they live the sense of Magis as a way of being.

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