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Are you a newlywed or want to reconnect with former classmates and other alumni? Seattle University Magazine welcomes news of accomplishments or changes in your professional or personal life for inclusion in Class Notes. When submitting items, include your graduate name and year, your present name and a daytime phone number.

We publish high-resolution photos (300 dpi) as space allows. Please submit color photos via e-mail: If available, include a photo caption listing the names of people and where it was taken. Submissions to Class Notes are edited for space and clarity to adhere to the style and tone of the magazine.

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Deadlines for Submissions

Seattle University Magazine is published in the fall, winter, spring and summer. Class Notes will be printed as space allows and when possible, in the order they are received. If you submit an item for the fall issue, for example, and it doesn’t appear, it most likely will be in the following issue.

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  • Fall: Mid-July
  • Winter: Mid-September
  • Spring: Mid-January
  • Summer: Mid-March