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There's video capture and conferencing as well as multiwalled projection technologies and wall-mounted 52-inch monitors in many of the study rooms so students can practice presentations. Students have the ability to do live streaming-- in real time-- to provide global learning opportunities too, in keeping with SU's focus on global engagement.

As changes and enhancements in technology enter the higher-education environment, this facility will be ready. The three-floor addition features easy-to-modify, 18-inch raised concrete tile and steel-framed floors.

When you walk across those floors, you can sense the earliest watchword that fueled discussions of all who planned the new library and learning commons: flexibility. Then, as you observe the spirit and excitement of all the technology-enhanced research and scholarship that's happening here, you realize it's the beginning of a new era for learning.

Check out photos of the library, courtesy of The Spectator.

Did You Know?

The Big Move: Mammoth Undertaking to Transport Collections

Back in 1966, when the library left the Administration Building and headed for new digs at A.A. Lemieux, those who were on campus recall what’s described as the bucket brigade. This involved a bevy of student volunteers snaked between the two buildings, passing boxes of books down the line from one person to another for the move into the new library.

About 245,000 books, 2,000 journal titles and 6,000 media (VHS and DVD) took the library staff roughly 12 weeks to pack between March and May 2009, when the Lemieux Library was vacated for renovations and new construction. In addition, the staff moved 525 special collections.

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I don't remember the "bucket brigade" move to the new library back in 1966. What I do remember clearly is that myself and one other student were hired at $1.45 per hour to move all of the books from the old library to the new A.A Lemieux library following summer quarter in August 1966. The move took us six weeks working full time and was tough manual labor involving loading the boxed books about four or five boxes high onto hand trucks and then down three flights of stairs and up to the new library. Some of the books were down an additional stairway to basement storage in a building between the libraries. We had no assistance moving the boxes although several people were involved packing an unpacking the boxes. The gorgeous new modern library was not quite complete by the time we finished in September. Jim klinefelter, class of 1968
(10/5/2010 7:32:25 PM, Jim Klinefelter )

Seattle University Library Memories 1963 - 1966 1966. Ah, that was the year that was. That was the year I ended my employment in the university library. That was the year I graduated from Seattle University. That was the year I was drafted into the Army (and eventually sent to Vietnam). I entered SU in the fall of 1962. In the summer of 1963 I began working in the university library on the top floor of the Liberal Arts Building; I think my starting salary was $1.10 an hour. I worked in the bindery, where we bound journals by hand, employing awls, hammers, metal plates, tape, and cardboard. The bindery shared a large room with the serene cataloging department, who suffered through the movement and noise of our wrestling with pounds of periodicals, banging, and a muttered expletive or two. I soon moved to be a student assistant in the periodicals department, working under the direction of librarian Mrs. Henrietta Loudon. We student assistants checked in periodicals, kept records, shelved, and


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Susan Woerdehoff has been named the new Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations. Woerdehoff, a double alum of Seattle University, comes to SU following a long career with Microsoft. She starts May 25. Read more about her in SU Voice.




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