Letters to the Editor

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Marian Volpe, '78, '00, '02
Bellingham, Wash.


Daily discernment feeds more than the soul

I am writing to say how much I appreciated Father Pat O'Leary's article for The Good Word column in the Spring 2008 Seattle University Magazine ("Society of Jesus Elects New Superior General.")

When he wrote of the process of choosing the new Superior General for the Jesuits, Father O'Leary invited us into the process of discernment used by the Jesuits. It is similar to the process we are summoned to in our daily activities that call for discerning the Spirit's call.

Discerning God's call, the Jesuits who gathered for this election process were, as Father Pat writes, "well informed … to achieve an openness and freedom so as to respond to the Spirit's lead as it emerged in discerning conversations." This openness and freedom leads to "the grace of letting go of his own prejudgments in order to really listen and be open to what God wanted. …"

This is helpful for me in discerning God's movement in my life:

Be well informed.
Desire openness and freedom to respond to God's lead.
Listen to conversations around us.
Spend time in quiet, silent prayer.
Let go of our prejudgments.
Hear God calling.

Thank you, Father Pat, and Seattle University Magazine.

Nancy J. Mariano, '00
Bellevue, Wash.


Return to Division I not a good play

I am disappointed to see that Seattle University has caved in to pressure and decided to return to the dismal swamp of NCAA Division I sports ("A Message from the President: Raising Athletics to Match Academic Excellence"; "Ready to Play: Nearly 30 Years After Leaving Division I, SU Returns," Summer 2008). SU likes to remember that Elgin Baylor led it to the NCAA finals, but conveniently forgets that the program was racked with problems and scandal; NCAA penalties prevented the school from being in the tournament the following year.

Now President Stephen Sundborg rejoices that big-time sports—with its inevitable sleazy dishonesty—will return. He neglects to mention that this will require the usual double standard where athletes will get tuition, room, board, books and laundry services that other students have to pay for, directly or indirectly.

How very sad that President Sundborg didn't choose the more difficult path and higher road of pledging to return SU to what college athletics originally were and should have always remained: an extracurricular activity for students who are treated exactly like every other. What's wrong with equality?

Institutions of integrity do not have double standards.

Brian Templeton, '66
Des Moines, Wash.


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