Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons
Study Spaces

Group Study Rooms


    The Library provides 15 group study rooms. Rooms must be booked or reserved in advance to assure your occupancy.  There are two ways to do this.  Instructions for reserving the rooms are below.

    For more information about the Group Study Rooms, please see the General Information and Policies page.

    How to use the room control panels to book a group study room:

    • Go to the room you want to use.  If the lights on the panel are green, press "Reserve Now" to book the room for the next 120 minutes (or until the start of the next reservation, whichever comes first). Your reservation will appear on the screen.
    • If the lights on the panel are red, you can see a list of currently available rooms in the library by pressing "Available Rooms." Walk to the available room you want, and book the room by pressing "Reserve Now."
    • Room control panels do not allow advance reservations. To make an advance reservation, use Outlook Web Access.

    How to use Outlook Web Access to book a group study room:

    Below instructions are not currently working for student campus users. Tech support has been notified.

    Group study rooms can be booked up to two weeks in advance for a maximum 2-hour duration. Meetings booked in conflict with other bookings will be declined.

    In order to book the group study rooms in advance via computer, you must use your Seattle U Outlook Web Access (OWA) email account.  

    At present, bookings are ONLY successful when using Outlook Web Access on Internet Explorer on a PC.  (Bookings do NOT work with Outlook Web Access Light, so do NOT click the "Use Outlook Web Access Light" option when logging in.)

    People using Mac computers can use Vlab to enter a PC environment.  Questions about vlab? View this page from OIT or contact 296-5571.

    1. Open http://owa.seattleu.edu on Internet Explorer and log in with your SU id.
    2. Click the Calendar tab.
    3. Click New – this will open an Appointment window.
    4. Set subject and time and date you wish to book the room – start time and end time. You can only book a room up to two weeks in advance, and for maximum 2-hour duration.
    5. Next to Appointment tab at top, there is a Scheduling Assistant tab. Click this to select an available room.
    6. Click Select Rooms and choose More – a list of group study rooms will appear.
    7. Double click the room you would like to book. You can choose to view more than one room.
    8. Click OK. You will see a graph showing the room and availability. You can choose another room or another time.
    9. Check the box by the room you want to book.
    10. Select Send and wait for room verification via email.