Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons
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Group Study Rooms - General Information and Policies

  • The information provided here and the policies that apply to use of the rooms are designed to support maximum flexibility of the spaces and to ensure an equitable, productive, and safe experience for all users.

    General Information

    The purpose of the Group Study Rooms is to enrich and support academics by providing space for self-directed study groups affiliated with Seattle University.

    Group Study Rooms are open to Seattle University students, faculty, staff, and community members.

    Those using the rooms must adhere to this policy and to all Seattle University and Library policies.

    To assure room reservations, groups should book rooms online through Outlook Web Access. Booking instructions are here.

    Rooms are not intended for recurring classroom instruction and will not accept recurring appointments. If faculty need a classroom, consult the Registrar.

    Treat equipment and furniture in rooms with care.

    Whiteboard supplies are available at the 2nd floor iDesk and Circulation desk.

    These rooms are intended to be used for collaborative group study. We encourage individuals who want to study alone to use private study rooms or study carrels located on the 4th and 5th floors.

    Study Rooms are not soundproof. Please be conscientious of other patrons in the library and control the volume of conversations and the use of media devices.

    We recommend individual users who want to watch VHS or DVDs to use rooms 273, 274, 309, or 314.

    At the end of their scheduled time, groups are expected to clear rooms of trash and personal items, clean the whiteboard with the proper supplies, and return tables and chairs to their original positions.


    1. Rooms must be booked or reserved in advance to assure your occupancy.  There are two ways to do this:

    Advance Booking is done through patron’s SU email, using Outlook or Outlook Web Access

    • See this page for Outlook Web Access booking procedures.  Note:  Reservations are finalized only when patron receives an email stating “Accepted”.
    • Seattle University affiliates with a Seattle University email account may book rooms up to two weeks in advance for a maximum 2-hour duration. 
    • Library staff cannot book rooms for patrons through patron’s email.
    • Library staff at either iDesk or Circulation will educate patrons on booking procedure.

    “Reserve Now”

    • When not booked ahead of time, reserving rooms can be done at panels next to room door.
    • Push “reserve now” button on panel to reserve room for two hours or until next reservation begins.
    • This is the only way patrons without an SU email account can reserve a room.

    2. Rooms are accessible only during hours the library is open.

    3. Rooms are intended for general use.  Attempts to monopolize rooms through overbooking or consecutive booking will be canceled.

    4. If a study room is not in use 15 minutes into the reserved period, the room may be used by another group for the duration of the reserved period.

    5. Food and drinks are allowed in the library in accordance with the Expectations of Library Users Policy. The room must be cleaned before leaving to ensure it is ready for the next group.

    6. Report misuse of, or damage to, the rooms to library staff at the iDesk.

    7. Do not leave personal items or library materials in the rooms at the conclusion of use.  Laptops, backpacks, or other personal materials   left unattended in the rooms will be reported to the SU Department of Public Safety for appropriate action. Library books left in the rooms will be retrieved by library staff, processed, and returned to the stacks.

    8 .Report any problems with equipment to Library Technology Support at 206-398-6446. For any other questions about the rooms, contact librarygroupstudy@seattleu.edu or report to iDesk.

    9. Groups or individuals using rooms cannot expect information on whiteboards to be saved after use.

    10. Library staff will immediately report vandalism and disruptive behavior to the SU Department of Public Safety.

    11. In order to ensure a safe and secure environment for all users, do not cover, obscure, or block any windows in any of the rooms.