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  • Subject Librarians

    The Liaison Librarian for an academic department works with a specified Faculty Representative to track and spend an annual allocation for selecting books and media, in the department's subject area, to be added to Lemieux Library's collection.

    Department/Program Subject Librarian Faculty Member
    Asian Studies Program Rick Block Enyu Zhang
    Dept. of Biology Myra Waddell Lindsay Whitlow
    Albers School of Business & Economics Karen Gilles Bonnie Buchanan
    Dept. of Chemistry Myra Waddell Vicky Minderhout
    Dept. of Communication TBA Chris Paul
    Dept. of Computer Science & Software Engineering Doug Eriksen Jason Zhu
    Dept. of Criminal Justice Rebecca Bliquez Elaine Gunnison
    Dept. of Diagnostic Ultrasound Rebecca Bliquez Karin Asimakopoulos
    College of Education Bob Novak Amy Eva
    Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering Myra Waddell Jhon P. Smith
    Dept. of Electrical Engineering Myra Waddell Xu-Sheng Chen
    Dept. of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Myra Waddell Robert Cornwell
    Dept. of English Lynn Deeken Molly Clark Hillard
    Environmental Studies Program Doug Eriksen Gordon Miller
    Dept. of Fine Arts Jan Hartley Naomi Hume
    General Science Program Myra Waddell Jennifer Sorenson
    Dept. of History Karen Gilles Hazel Hahn
    International Studies Program Rick Block Carmen Gitre
    Dept. of Modern Languages & Literatures Sherry Palmiter Ming Feng
    Dept. of Mathematics Doug Eriksen Shusen Ding
    Matteo Ricci College Mary Linden Sepulveda Dan Washburn
    Medieval Studies Program Karen Gilles Theresa Earenfight
    Nonprofit Program TBA Maureen Feit
    College of Nursing Rebecca Bliquez Jennifer Fricas
    Dept. of Philosophy Lynn Deeken Jim Risser
    Dept. of Physics Myra Waddell Michael Morgan
    Dept. of Political Science Rick Block Yitan Li
    Dept. of Psychology Bob Novak Randall Horton
    Institute of Public Service Rick Block Kevin Ward
    School of Theology & Ministry Mary Linden Sepulveda Fr. Michael Raschko
    Social Work Program Sherry Palmiter Riva Zeff
    Dept. of Anthropology, Sociology & Social Work Sherry Palmiter Mark Cohan
    Center for the Study of Sports & Exercise Bob Novak Dan Tripps
    Dept. of Theology & Religious Studies Mary Linden Sepulveda Donna Teevan
    Women & Gender Studies Program Karen Gilles Mary-Antoinette Smith