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  • Seating survey a success

    Another important milestone has been reached on the road to the opening of Lemieux Library & McGoldrick Learning Commons. Between February 1 and 12, hundreds of students, faculty and staff accepted the library’s invitation to test drive seating that had been selected for the new facility. The results of that survey have been compiled by the library’s Communication & Marketing Team (CMT). Based on the results of the survey, orders are being placed for the new furniture.

    During the survey, 482 students, faculty, and staff sat on, poked, prodded, spun, bounced on and lounged in more than 20 individual pieces – side chairs, couches, computer chairs, stools and lounge chairs. They completed survey questions that rated the seating comfort, functional suitability, adjustability and ease of movement of each piece. The survey told the Library and Facilities Administrations what the campus liked and didn’t like. The CMT’s report is available on the Lemieux Library & McGoldrick Learning Commons Project page of the SU Facilities Services website, both as an Executive Summary and in full.

    I extend my sincere thanks to all the members of the community who took the time to test the furniture and contribute their opinions. The planning group that selected this collection of furniture has worked long and hard to make choices that are appropriate to the many purposes of the building and to the characteristics and preferences of its diverse set of users. Survey respondents have validated their thoughtful work and allow us to move forward with confidence and broad support.

    The vast majority of the pieces surveyed received high marks in one or more categories and high average scores, with the Mirra chair receiving the highest rating of all the pieces. At the other end of the spectrum, the Enea bar-height stool received such low marks that it has been deleted from the library’s shopping cart and will be replaced with a more appropriate product. (The chair and stool are pictured along with the other tested furniture in the full report.)

    I compliment the members of the CMT, individually and collectively, and their partners in Facilities Administration and Bonewitz Project, for their conscientious work compiling and presenting the results in a clear and comprehensive report. They’ve given us good evidence on which to base our decisions.

    Finally, CMT and I congratulate participating student Elijah Wong who was randomly chosen to win the prize of a $50 gift certificate to the SU Bookstore.

    -- John Popko, University Librarian


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    Posted on Monday, April 12, 2010
    I really appreciate the thought that the administration and library staff are giving to the opinions of the students and faculty, the people who will be using this great facility. I'm graduating this year but look forward to returning for grad school and using this amazing new asset to the campus.
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