Leadership Development
Redhawk Leadership Program


  • Looking for ways to complete from of your RLP components?  Check out the following ideas.  Of course, you're always welcome to find things on your own!


    (Sponsored by Career Services)
    MyPlan is a four-part, self-assessment instrument that provides a high-level understanding of your values, interests, personality, and skills. As you decide on a major or career path this type of understanding can provide intentionality and clarity throughout your decision-making process. Consider MyPlan to be a starting point in uncovering self-insights, knowing that other, more in-depth instruments (such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interests Inventory, StrengthsQuest, or SkillScan) are available. Check out their website for details or to take the assessment.

    Fulfills: Phase 1 Personal Strengths Workshop


    More opportunities for Spring coming soon!!!