Leadership Development
Redhawk Leadership Program


  • I'm a Participant, how to I get started?

    Consult the Phase 1 Guidebook to get specific information and track your progress.

    What Does the Program Entail?

    Participants are asked to complete a series of components that include structured learning (eg- workshops, trainings), experiential and independent learning (eg- service, leadership project, reading from a book list), reflection, working with a mentor and meeting with the cohort in community.  The program has three phases: Self, Self in Community and Leadership Vocation. 

    What is Expected of Participants?

    Participants are expected to engage at their own pace to pursue a personal formation plan.  In addition to completing requirements as outlined on the Program Components page, participants also:

    • Attend quarterly cohort meetings.  Fall's meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 7 from 6-7 pm in Pavilion 50.
    • Work with a mentor (select on one's own or paired with assistance through the program).
    • Attend annual Reflection Night in Spring Quarter.

    What are the Benefits to Me?

    Participants will deepen knowledge of themselves, cultivate habits of reflection and discernment, sharpen their interpersonal and group leadership skills, as well as develop a long term plan for leadership.  The core competencies we expect participants to develop through participation are listed below.  Upon completion of the program, students also receive a co-curricular certificate of completion.

    • Discernment. 
    • Critical thinking. 
    • Multicultural competence. 
    • Personal Integrity. 
    • Self-awareness & knowledge. 
    • Wellness. 
    • Personal presence & professionalism.  
    •  Change making. 
    •  Group and team skills. 
    •  Interpersonal skills. 
    • Solidarity with those who are disenfranchised. 
    • A commitment to contribute to the common good. 
    • Living in relationship with others. 

     How Long Does the Program Last?

    The program is designed to take a mininum of five to six quarters, or just about two years.  However, since participants can work at their own pace, you may take as long as you like to complete the program (up to graduation).

    How Do I Join?

    Complete an Application and turn in by 5 pm on Thursday, November 1 to Leadership Development (150 Pavilion).

    What if I Have Questions?

    Stop by Leadership Development, call us (206.296.5323) or email (lead@seattleu.edu).  We'd love to talk with you about it.