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  • The Leadership Blitz is a free half-day leadership conference open to all students at Seattle University interested in building personal leadership skills. Each year, students from across campus attend the Leadership Blitz to grow and learn together. It is a chance for students to get to know other leaders on campus as well as develop their own skills. This year's Blitz will be on Saturday, March 1st.  Registration is now closed, but we look forward to seeing everyone who signed up on Saturday.

    We are excited to bring a fun, challenging and educational experience to campus.  Most importantly, we believe that by learning together, participants develop a stronger community of leaders.

    This year's theme is Connections: Relationships in the Age of Technology. We'll explore how technology enhances and limits our ability to work together for change.  The program also coincides with Homecoming 2014.  Alumni will be joining us as facilitators and "geniuses" to share their expertise. 

    A few helpful details to know:

    • The Blitz is open to ALL Seattle U students.
    • Sessions are facilitated by Seattle U staff, faculty, alumni and students.
    • Registration includes coffee/tea and lunch.
    • We ask that participants attend the entire day as sessions build on the content running throughout the day.
    • The program is free, but there is a $20 charge for no-shows or cancelations after the deadline for us to cancel meals (February 25) unless there is an emergency.

    Overview Schedule:

    10:30-11 am:  Check In, Tech Museum & Student Geniuses on hand for consultation

    11:00-11:40 am: Welcome Session featuring faculty member, Dr. Christopher Paul

    11:50 am-12:30 pm:  Small Group Discussion

    12:40-1:10 pm:  Lunch over Roundtable Discussion

    1:20-2:20 pm:  Breakout Sessions with Alumni Presenters.  More details to be posted soon, but sessions will be offered on:

    • "Full Speed Ahead: Exploring the Impact of Technology on Nonprofit Fundraising" presented by Sheely Mauk, MPA '09
      • Description: Rapid advances in technology have forced nonprofit organizations to quickly (and at times clumsily) adapt to a new world of social connection and interaction on a broad scale, while maintaining deep and meaningful relationships with individual donors and supporters. From mobile bidding and virtual events to formal auctions and galas, we will discuss the benefits and challenges nonprofits face as they balance traditional fundraising strategies with new technology landscapes characterized by immediacy, expectations for open access to data or key decision makers, and potential for overnight global reach given the advent of viral messaging. Drawing from experiences of local nonprofits, including Make-A-Wish, JDRF, and Seattle Aquarium, as well as fundraisers and event consultants, participants will 1) explore how technology is changing the interactions between nonprofits and their donors/constituents, 2) understand the types of technology utilized for fundraising efforts, and 3) explore the pros, cons, and special considerations when developing a technology strategy for communication and fundraising.
    • "Hi, I'm a brand and I want to be your friend. Really." presented by DJ Weidner, '07
      • Description: A brand can't just throw up a Facebook page and consider things good - the best brands engage with their communities and create real, authentic connections with people. It's less about the brand and more about connecting with the people behind the brand. My belief is that at a time where digital communications are making it easier for us to stay connected, we actually have to go a step further and make these digital connections more human, more transparent and more real for them to actually matter. Brands and business know this and are investing huge amounts of money to building authentic relationships with their customers. The presentation will include case study examples from companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Coke, Toyota, and others.
    • "Personal Branding in the Digital Age" presented by Paula Fitzgerald Boos
      • Description: Whether you have a LinkedIn page or a Facebook account--or neither, you are building your reputation every time you post something or sign-up for a new social media site or choose not to participate at all.  You can choose to manage your brand intentionally as a professional as you make choices about how you manage your relationships. In this session we will talk about the elements of your personal brand and what you can do to ensure that your reputation aligns with what is most important to you as a professional.

    • "How My MPA Degree Enabled Me to Transition My Career from the Public Sector to the Private Sector and the World of Technology" presented by Robert Morgan MPA '03
      • Description: Presentation on my career in law enforcement and how I was able to transfer the skills and knowledge that I acquired in that profession to my role as an investigator and manager in the corporate world at Microsoft. Will include a discussion on management controls and compliance as well as talking about how a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree can be applied to a job in the private sector. 


    2:30-3:00 pm:  Closing Session


    For answers to common questions, please visit our Blitz FAQ page.

    If you have additional questions, please contact 206.296.LEAD (5323) or lead@seattleu.edu.