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About Us

About Us

  • We believe that all SU students have the capacity to lead, whether in their career, their family life, their community or on campus. We support students in their development as leaders through self-knowledge, skill building, practical application and reflection. Grounded in a specifically Jesuit Catholic tradition, we integrate elements of the formation process, such as reflection and a community approach, as well as purpose for leadership, such as service to others and as an expression of one's vocation.

    We use three frameworks to ground our work:

    • The Leadership Identity Development Model speaks to the developmental stages through which students move in their growth as leaders. The focus on personal development roots our work in the formation process with each student. One can view this as our framework for how leaders develop.
    • The Social Change Model of Leadership articulates a framework of leadership which weaves individual, group and community spheres. This model, infused with the Jesuit tradition, speaks to the end goal of leadership as change for the common good. This model speaks to what leadership is.
    • Finally, and most importantly, the Jesuit Catholic tradition is foremost in our work both in the formation process and in defining what leadership is. We hope to post a statement soon further articulating this framework, but in the meantime please review the October 2006 issue of our Faculty/Staff Newsletter for one example.



    We recognize, respect, and celebrate the diversity of each person and create safe spaces to grow.


    We take responsibility, hold one another accountable, and demonstrate honesty and respect in our actions.


    We promote the formation of every individual through challenge, support, and candid dialogue.


    We are aware that our social, cultural, and environmental actions impact others and the world at large.


    We embrace the spirit of new ideas, play, and inspiration in what we do.


    We work with intentionality, distinction, and excellence.

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