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  • Winter, 2015 International Student Orientation and Arrival Information

    My name is Ryan Greene and I am the Director of the International Student Center at Seattle University. I am writing to congratulate you on your acceptance to the University and to share information about our Mandatory New Beginning International Student Orientation Program from 9am-5pm on Saturday, January 10, 2015.The purpose of the orientation is to get you acclimated to SU and the various resources on campus that are here to help you achieve your academic goals. Another major goal of the New Beginning Orientation is to inform you about the way in which we help you manage your student immigration status.  A final goal is to help you meet new students at SU.
    Whether you are a new undergraduate or graduate student or a new transfer student our orientation program is critically important to your success at Seattle University. Orientation at SU costs $60 (payable by cash or by check made out to Seattle University – sent by mail or paid at Orientation Day) and is mandatoryfor all international students.  Leaving an Orientation session early is not allowed, and in order to travel outside the United States with an I-20 that is signed by SU you will need to attend the full orientation session.
    In addition to the information provided below, we have attached several documents for your review – be sure to read all attachments and any outstanding questions will be answered in the “International Students Frequently Asked Questions” document. Please be sure to read the FAQ's before you email with questions.
    Winter Quarter Orientation for All International Students
    You must attend a one-day MANDATORY SESSION of our New Beginning Program (NBP) on Saturday, January 10th, 2015, in the SU Student Center Room 160.  This full day sessions run from 9am-5pm must be attended in full so we suggest that you hold the date on your calendar now to avoid any conflicts. A continental breakfast, lunch will be offered. To RSVP for the Mandatory International Student Orientation, please fill out the attached registration form and email it to students will be contacted by their academic program about course registration and all first year undergraduate students are pre-registered for classes. Transfer students will be able to register prior to the quarter when they log-on to SU Online and set up an appointment with their academic advisor. Transfers are encouraged to register as soon as possible as classes can get filled up quickly.
    Mandatory Immunizations for Undergraduates
    Seattle University requires all students/staff/faculty enrolled in undergraduate courses to provide documentation that they have had two doses of the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR), a Tetanus booster in the last 10 years, and the 3 doses of the Hepatitis B series. In addition to the above immunizations, it is strongly recommended that you complete the usual childhood vaccine series and consider the Meningococcal vaccine. Immunization experts have issued a new vaccination recommendation for meningococcal disease stating that all first-year students living in residence halls should be immunized against meningococcal disease, a rare, but potentially fatal, bacterial infection commonly referred to as meningitis. Seattle University, however, at this time does not require the vaccine. The Student Health Center, like other primary care clinics, offers all of the required vaccines. Please enter your mandatory immunization records online at SU Online Student Health. Once you enter your records please send us a hard copy for verification. We will also accept photocopies of official immunization records from your primary care health provider’s office or records from your high school. Many of you may be unaware that your high school already has this information and is an excellent resource for obtaining these records.
    Applying for Housing at Seattle University
    For Undergraduate Students
    Once SeattleUniversityhas receivedyour enrollmentconfirmation,youshould completetheonlineHousingApplicationat If you are planning on living on-campus, space is very tight, so we encourage you to SUBMIT A HOUSING APPLICATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Submitting this informationwill helpthe Office ofHousingandResidenceLifedetermineyour roommateandroomassignment.Roomassignmentpriorityis basedon thedate of depositandapplication.Pleasenotethatallfull-time freshmenandsophomoresare requiredtolive oncampus andpurchasea meal plan.
    For Graduate Students
    Due to increased undergraduate enrollment, there is no SU-owned housing available for graduate students. In order to provide more housing for University students on our campus, the University has entered into a cooperating arrangement with the owners of The Douglas. The Douglas offers apartment suites with one to five bedrooms, and is an option for upperclassmen, graduate students, and law students. Head to to schedule a visit.In addition, more information about off-campus housing will be available on the ISC website soon.
    Final Message to All International Students
    We are very excited that you have chosen to pursue a higher education at Seattle University. SU is ranked 5th in the West out of 138 Masters-level colleges and universities so you are about to begin your journey at a top-ranked University. As arrival at SU and orientation approach, please keep in mind that in order to get a travel signature for future travel attendance at the New Beginning International Student Orientation is mandatory. If you don’t attend the orientation a hold will be placed on your student account until you attend the following orientation held for the next academic quarter so please be sure to be in attendance.  If you have any questions about student life at SU, please do not hesitate to contact the International Student Center.
    Welcome to the Seattle University Family,